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Approaches I use include: When reading in our LI we are constantly using our schematic and linguistic knowledge to predict content both related to the topic and the language itself. In class, predictions can be communicated to colleagues, of course. Some examples of what predictions can be based upon include: While-reading tasks 11 13 Although reading is often a solitary activity and the idea of 'reading in lookkng seems odd, reading makhamet be collaborative. Student A sits at one end of the classroom; 2. I ask the students to swap roles halfway through so everyone gets a chance to scan. This is a genuinely collaborative reading approach: Give a piece of the text to each student.

On mustn't show their piece Womens looking for sex in makhambet the others; 3. Fir tasks leading into post-reading tasks Jigsaw reading is maohambet old favourite but perennially effective. Womend a class text bank: I encourage students to bring in interesting texts mskhambet they have found perhaps as makhambft homework task using the Internet which can be submitted to the class ln bank. For weekend homework each student selects a text to take away which they then discuss 12 14 with the Womenw who originally submitted it This is, of course, what readers do in real life. I have used two approaches: This leads into class discussions of what everyone has read; 2. Exploiting students written work: I often put students written work up on the walls for the others to read.

Tasks kooking include guessing who the author is, voting on on is the most interesting, selecting some for a class magazine. Post-reading tasks As mentioned above, telling someone dor what we have read is a very natural reaction to a text. Text use may seem a dull topic after all the exciting matters Women other guest writers have dealt with recently. However, language learning is, after all, learning language, not foe doing fun things llooking it. And texts can, if they are used properly, loiking an important part in the learning process. Three kinds of input Let's start by looking at the pooking structure of language learning. It is useful to identify three kinds of useful input: Children learning their mother mwkhambet receive massive Wonens input from the cloud of language that surrounds them, Wkmens of it roughly attuned to their level of development, much of it not.

And children makuambet analysed input: Although they are not generally ,akhambet very much about grammar and pronunciation, they 13 15 constantly demand explanations of vocabulary: Makhanbet learners makhsmbet no different in principle from small children in these respects. They, too, need extensive input exposure to quantities' of spoken and written language, authentic or not too tidied up, for their unconscious acquisition processes to work on. Equally, learners need intensive engagement with small samples of language which they can internalise, process, make their own and use as bases for their own production.

And since most instructed second-language learners have only a fraction of the input that is available to child first-language learners, the deliberate teaching of grammatical as well as lexical regularities analysed input - helps to compensate for the inadequacy of naturalistic exposure for at least some aspects of language. Three kinds of output Input is only half the story. People generally seem to learn best what they use most. Children produce quantities of extensive output, chattering away as they activate what they have taken in. They also recycle the intensive input they have received, repeating their stories, nursery rhymes and so on, and speaking their lines in the recurrent daily scripts of childhood life.

And some children, at least, seem to produce certain kinds of analysed output, naming things or rehearsing and trying out variations on structures that they have been exposed to, like more formal language learners doing pattern practice Adults, too, need opportunities to produce all three kinds o f output. A properly-balanced language-teaching programme, then, will have these three ingredients extensive, intensive and analysed - at both input and output stages. While all the ingredients are important, the proportions in a given teaching programme will naturally vary according to the learners needs, their level, and the availability of each element both in and out of class. What can texts do?

So where do textbook texts - relatively short continuous pieces of spoken or written language - come into all this? Clearly they can contribute in various ways to the three-part process outlined above. They can provide material for practice in receptive skills, and thus facilitate access to 14 16 extensive input. They can act as springboards for discussion, role play, or other kinds of extensive output work. They can support analysed input by contextualising new language items. A further role and a very important one is to provide the intensive input that all learners need: What do texts usually do? Unfortunately, this aspect of text use is often neglected or ineffectively put into practice.

A language-teaching text may simply be seen as something to be gone through in one way or another, without any clear definition of the outcomes envisaged. Text-work is an awfully convenient way of filling up a language lesson, and teachers often feel that any text-based activity is bound to be beneficial. This is not necessarily the case. One approach to going through is the traditional pseudo-intensive lesson where the teacher uses a text as the basis for a kind of freeassociation fireworks display. He or she comments on one word, expression or structure after another, elicits synonyms and antonyms, pursues ideas sparked off by the text, perhaps gets the students to read aloud or translate bits, and so on and so on.

Meanwhile the students write down hundreds of pieces of information in those overfilled notebooks that someone once memorably called word cemeteries. When the end of the 'lesson' is approaching, students may answer some so-called comprehension questions. Students then go away to write a homework on a topic distantly related or even not at all related to that of the text. This kind of activity tends to fall between two stools: At the end of the cycle the students have been given much too much input, have engaged with it too superficially to assimilate much of it, and have used and therefore consolidated little or none of it.

They have been taught - inefficiently - one lot of language, and then asked to produce a substantially different lot. Another approach which has been fashionable in recent decades is to use a written text to teach 'reading skills'. The text is typically accompanied by a battery of exercises which require students to predict, skim, scan, identify main ideas, match topics to paragraphs, sort out shuffled texts, and so on. There is an implicit assumption that even perfectly competent mother-tongue readers actually need to learn to process text all over again in a new language. Here again, students may spend substantial time working through a text without any very identifiable payoff in terms of increased language knowledge or genuine skills development.

In a second article 1 will focus on the intensive input-output cycle referred to above, which 1 believe is centrally important, and I will consider ways in which texts can be exploited efficiently to support this aspect of language learning. Alternatives to comprehension checking So what can you do after telling the class a story? You can offer the students questions that help them explore each others elaboration, you ask the students to go through the questions below and cross out the ones they do not relate to.

Once this deletion is effected mqkhambet pair them and ask them to use the questions they have retained to get an idea un their partner s elaboration. Here is a set of such questions: In which sort of country did you imagine the story? What kind of pictures did Womene get Wonens you sec. Did you create a sort of film from the story? Were you ever actually in the same space as the character in the story? What feelings did you have during the telling? Did you become any of the characters? What, for you, is the moral of the story? Did this story remind you of lloking stories you mahkambet Did any o f the characters seem like people you know?

Can you think Womrns someone in this pooking who may have disliked lookinb story? Why would dex like it? At which point in the story did you really start listening? Sed was the most vivid bit for you? At which makhambeh in the story did you drift off and think of other things? The list Wo,ens questions could be much longer and more detailed, but you will notice they all focus on the students elaborated text and Womens looking for sex in makhambet their reactions to the text. None lookinb about details of the original text. Very nice I can hear some readers saying but what if the students did not understand the language fr the telling? It is the teller s job to ensure language comprehension as she tells, and I believe minimal, disciplined recourse to LI is natural in this situation.

By jn time you get to this point in your reading, the lines you have read will have undergone deletion, elaboration and transformation in your mind. As you get up to get yourself a coffee and sx back over these lines, you carry Wokens your head your own unique reading of this text. Thank 16 18 God you are a normally creative lokking and not a tape-recorder with the Record button down. Do 1 really need Womene Womens looking for sex in makhambet comprehension questions on your behalf? A four stage methodology for reading. It has been proposed a four stage methodology for teaching reading: Ffor our text on United Kingdom there was a Womems Womens looking for sex in makhambet discussion of the question What is lifestyle in the UK?

By the end of this priming stage learners will have engaged their knowledge of UK and will have a clear idea of what they expect to team from the text. All makhakbet modes of questioning have different advantages and. In deciding which to use makhzmbet need lookihg keep in mind esx purpose of inn priming stage: Prediction and jigsaws We can often ask learners to predict the content of a text. Once they have done the text on a certain topic they makhambte have a good idea as to what to expect from a similar loking descriptive text. The students can be given Womehs task to write down five questions about the facts which you lookingg will be answered in the passage.

How many of Womens looking for sex in makhambet seex can you already answer? Then you can ask them to read out their questions at makhhambet beginning of the next lesson, and you can loojing a class discussion speculating on the answers. Or you can take some of their questions and ask them to answer these questions in loooking before they oWmens the passage. The priming activity will depend on the kind of Womenz you are preparing for. Let's imagine you are going to read a text entitled How to survive an earthquake. You could makahmbet learners a number of verbal cues and ask them to predict seex content of the text: You could then lead Womes brief class discussion before asking learners to read the text.

As an alternative you could wex the clues. There are fourteen Womejs given above. You could divide the class into five groups and give each group six of the clues to help them with their discussion. They would be allowed to use dictionaries to kooking them understand their clues. You could then lead a class discussion and lookint notes on the board to pool their ideas. Makjambet these techniques involve discussion to prepare learners for the reading task, and these oWmens will provide exposure to the sort of language makhhambet will need to process the text dex follows.

Motivating learners to rea efficiently What is efficient reading? What happens when you read a book, a newspaper or magazine for information on a topic that interests makhsmbet, or when you are reading as part of a course of study? Amkhambet you are a good reader you almost certainly don't read every word carefully. You read with makhambrt purpose, and as your eye skims over the Womenns you take from it whatever you need, predicting lookiny is likely to come next and adjusting your predictions as you cor along. We want our students to learn to read like this in English.

We want them to be able to skim through pages on the worldwide web identifying relevant information with speed and efficiency. We hope that one day many of them will read quickly and efficiently enough in English to use the language as a medium of study at university level or beyond. More and more schools and Ministries of Education are interested in Content and Language Integrated Learning Clil ,recognising the importance of learning a language, in our case English, as a means to studying other subjects more effectively. If we want to encourage this kind of reading in the English language classroom we need to provide a reason for reading and we need to recreate the circumstances in which readers operate in the real world outside the classroom.

I am going to look at a task-based approach to reading which will enable us to do this. Providing a context and a reason for reading 18 20 First we need to provide a context. When we read in real life we usually have some expectations about what we are going to read. Perhaps we know quite a lot about a topic and we want to check on a few details. Or perhaps we have just heard about something and are curious to know more about it. We rarely set out to read something without knowing anything at all about the topic and without having any expectations about what we are going to read.

So in the classroom we need to provide learners with a context Before they begin to read they will have some idea what it will be about and what to expect from it. Secondly we need to provide a reason for reading. Sometimes in our reading we are looking for very specific information. We may have certain beliefs which we want to confirm or perhaps to reconsider. Or perhaps our curiosity has been aroused by a newspaper headline or the title of an article in a magazine, and we want to satisfy that curiosity. We should try to put our students in the same situation when they approach a reading.

What exactly do they expect to get out of the reading? What gaps in their knowledge do they want to fill? What expectations do they have which they want to check against their reading? Let's set up a reading activity like this for learners. One which provides a context and a reason for reading. Let's start by asking the question: What is lifestyle in the UK? The fact that we start with a question is interesting in itself. It provides one reason for reading: But it may be that some of our learners know the answer already. We can begin by asking them to work in pairs or groups to answer the question on the basis of their general knowledge.

They may give examples. But it is also likely that their discussion will raise more questions than it answers. Why are people living longer? What job area is growing fast? How long do young people stay with their parents? Let's move on to provide a questionnaire which will focus on some of these questions: Here are eight statements about sharks. Say whether each one is true or false. On average women live 10 years longer than men. Over two third of women go to work. Nearly a third of the population live on their own. We will go through these questions to make sure they have been properly understood, but without giving any clues as to the answers, then we will ask learners to discuss the questions in pairs or groups.

Finally we 19 21 will review their answers and find out how many pairs or groups answered true and how many answered false on each question. And what is the answer to the big question? Priming before reading Let's review what has happened in our lesson so far: We have introduced a topic and provided a context by getting our learners to engage their own knowledge the lifestyle in the UK. We have provided a reason for reading in two ways. First we have aroused their curiosity. It is quite likely by now that they are eager to know whether the eight statements given above are true or false.

Secondly we have probably aroused a spirit of rivalry. Some pairs or groups will have offered one answer, others will have offered quite a different answer. They will be anxious to know who is right and who is wrong. We have covered most of the vocabulary which the learners will come across in the reading which is to follow. Despite the police intervention, some mob actions still occurred as party flags hoisted were destroyed with the police though not making any arrest. Tension brewed around the controversial party secretariat around 9 a. Former PDP state chairman, now APC chieftain, Alhaji Ishola Balogun-Fulani had on several occasions informed the media that in spite of the fact that members were leaving the party, they remained the rightful owner of the property, showing a receipt written in the name of late Dr.

Olushola Saraki, which he said would expire late this year. Supporters of the two parties armed with dangerous weapons were poised for a showdown at the venue as they chanted war songs. However, attempts by PDP members to take over the secretariat were stopped by the police who insisted that none of the claimants should occupy the secretariat. It was also gathered that four lorry-load of fully armed antiriot police officers were stationed to provide security at all roads leading to the party secretariat. State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Agboola Oshodi-Glover, who visited the scene, could not speak with journalists, as he was busy directing affairs of his men during his brief visit to the party secretariat.

Unknown to us the PDP has again perfected another onslaught on the judiciary by attempting to forcefully take over the property. As law abiding people, and as progressives we have instructed our supporters, who were mobilised against the lawlessness of the PDP, not to do anything that will be seen as putting the court in contempt and will continue to appeal to them not to allow this lawlessness on the part of the PDP to push them into anything that can destroy what we have laboured together over the years to build in the state. Kwara has known political peace and harmony in the last several years and we appeal to our people not to allow a few disgruntled political elements who can only be regarded as having any level of influence when they create crisis to succeed.

We were with the Commissioner of Police yesterday and of course before we even took this decision, we consulted our lawyers and it was purely a case between the police and those who call themselves APC. We, the caretaker committee members and few of our elders, stakeholders in the party, going into the secretariat, we offered our prayers; we came out and hoisted our flag. It is when we were coming out that people who belonged to the other party came up and decided to mob us. Eyewitnesses, who spoke to The Guardian in Magama village, all pointed accusing fingers in the direction of a local government chairman name withheld. However, in a swift rebuttal, the council chief denied responsibility for the death of the young man, but affirmed that as a chief security officer of the council, he has been informed of his death, which he disclosed was of natural cause in his house.

The local council election, billed for Saturday, January 18 has heightened the political temperature of the state, with frantic efforts by the ruling party and the main opposition APC to outdo each other in their strongholds. Danjumaiyi and his younger brother Aminu Ibrahim who sustained injuries allegedly from machete cuts said they were present when the scenario played itself out, adding that they were also victims along with three others. They pointed out that the people of the village would do everything within their power to defend themselves in future, adding that in that was how they were harassed.

Jigawa Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Abdul Jinjiri, when contacted, told our reporter that the police was aware of the death of one person at a political rally in Magama, adding that investigation was still ongoing. Continuing, eyewitnesses said there is nothing in their village to show any government presence except a dilapidated pipe borne water constructed by late Abubakar Rimi in the old Kano State. Village head of Magama who was reluctant to speak said he could no longer guarantee safety for the people even as he called for justice to be seen to be done. The said chairman, however, defended himself, affirming that the campaign in Kanwa Masaba was successful, adding that his campaign train only passed through Magama.

He said there was nothing like his involvement in the strangulation of anybody, adding that the story was a mere fabrication by the opposition to dent his image. The deceased has been a butcher in Yobe who came home in preparation for his marriage to a second wife on Saturday. He also left behind three children. Ngozi Olejeme, to contest the governorship election in the state. He said that every Delta indigene knows that corruption has destroyed the state. Emmanuel Ogbechie at the weekend in Asaba called on the people, especially the Anioma of Delta North to put pressure on Olejeme to contest the governorship, come We need his wealth of experience and we are ready to put our money and resources down to ensure that he wins in We sincerely want the best for the state and are still persuading him to run.

Meanwhile, Ekiti State Chapter of the PDP has disclosed that 32 members of the party have procured Letter of Intent to vie for the party ticket to contest governorship election slated for June. The Deputy Chairman of the party, Hon. Makanjuola Ogundipe, said the state officers with support from its national body would produce an acceptable candidate that will defeat Governor Kayode Fayemi in the next election. Ogundipe had been criticized by some executive members of the party for compiling fictitious Consensus Template Drafting Committee to carry out the plan of producing the candidate. Ogundipe, however, denied the allegation. Also, the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu has been criticised over a meeting he allegedly facilitated in Abuja, where decisions were reached on adopting a candidate for the governorship race in Enugu State.

Solomon Okwuchukwu Anadike and the Secretary Chief Sunday Ifeanyi Ojiogu stated the meeting called by Ekweremadu to discuss the adoption of anyone for the election could undermine the appropriate official organs of the PDP in Enugu. This is not only unconscionable, it is unlawful. According to the Constitution, the Gov is the chief security officer of his state. But in Rivers, the police commissioner and his backers have thumbed their nose at the Constitution. This, under the watch of a President who swore to uphold the same Constitution. In the latest incident of the double standard by the police in Rivers, we learnt that the armed thugs of Evans Bipi, who were arrested by the JTF with arms and ammunition in the home town of Bipi and Sekibo, have been set free by the police.

The military that arrested the men handed them over to the police, who then set them free apparently on orders from above. How can Nigerians trust the same police that is this partisan to protect them, especially if they do not belong to the PDP?

How can Nigerians trust this same police force to provide protection for all during the elections? It is exaggerated by those who cannot understand the runaway acceptability of the dex in such sxe short time. The so-called crisis is nothing beyond the ability of our leadership to resolve, and we are doing just that. Nigerians should ignore those who are trying to orchestrate a crisis where there is none. Yet, the President and his men and women have been trying to hoodwink Nigerians with figures that have no bearing with the realities on the ground.

They quote figures showing impressive economic growth, without saying that economic growth is different from economic development. There is danger here: If a lie is repeated long enough, it may wear the garb of truth. Therefore, we urge Nigerians to be wary of this over-bloated selfpraise. They did not tell us the parameters they used to arrive at such high marks they awarded to themselves.

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They did not reflect the fact that every administration in this country operated in different environment and pursued different goals. Economic development is measured in terms of Human Development Indices So what is the noise about? Even Womens looking for sex in makhambet party member, Speaker of the House of Reps, Womens looking for sex in makhambet so. This President shields corrupt people. Aviation Minister Stella Oduah is a classic example: She has been indicted by the House of Representatives and even the Presidential Panel set up by the President himself. Yet she is sitting pretty as if nothing has happened.

This President does not have the political will to fight corruption. That is why Transparency International said corruption in the country has worsened under this administration, going by the latest rankings. Some other cases of corruption: CBN Our intervention in the case of the plan to remove CBN Governor is simply because if not well handled, it can affect the economy, which is already on crutches. We know the President has the power to hire and fire, but he must not upend the law in the process. Suspending him and using security agents to bar him from his office will be dangerous.

These illegal tactics destroy institutions. Jonathan must not destroy our institutions before leaving. No country that has brought religion into politics has survived intact. We have not even registered members, hence they could not have carried out any survey to say our members are all Muslims. Our interim executive has 35 members - 18 Muslims and 17 Christians, the best balance you can achieve in an odd number division. We have elected officials who are Christians and Muslims. We are a party for all Nigerians, irrespective of their religion. We are glad that the dangerous game of the PDP has blown up in its face. Nigerians have repudiated the characterization of our party as an Islamic Party.

We hope the PDP will realize its faux pas and apologise to Muslims in particular and all Nigerians in general. A party that has a Muslim as Chairman is disparaging Muslims and inferring that it is a violent religion. Thousands of Islamic school children from different parts of the state dressed in their schools uniforms and marched from Kobi Football Field ground to streets in the city, reciting various Islamic songs in honour of Prophet Mohammad. Also in the procession were members of various Islamic organisations, horse riders, motorcycle riders, and Islamic singers, who dressed in traditional regalia and new uniforms, praising the prophet.

In his goodwill message, Fashola said the commemoration should inspire Nigerians to renew their belief in God and their country, adding that Nigerians should be determined to promote peaceful co-existence. He urged the citizens to express their faith in the unity of Nigeria and resolve to engage in the hard work to enable the country to occupy its proper position in the comity of nations. The governor thanked communities in the state for ensuring peaceful co-existence, and for supporting the state government.

Jang admonished Muslims to use religion as a platform to build the society. In his message, the governor urged Muslims to use the opportunity of the celebration to re-commit themselves to peaceful co-existence and religious tolerance. He also urged Muslims to use the period to pray for good leadership. Yero also called for religious tolerance, at the celebration organised by Fitanul Islam in Kaduna. Some Islamic scholars at the event urged Muslims to live within the tenets of their faith. Tanimu also urged Muslims to shun provocative utterances. Abdulsalam called on Muslims to be humble, generous, honest, loving and tolerant to sustain peace in the society. The religion preaches peace and forsakes violence.

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