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They began to read our day back to the Biblical homo. Southern Baptists have their own version of the end times, which I homo well from my years in fundamentalist parochial school. One possible scenario Book sees:.

He takes control of the world religion, breaks the treaty with Israel, and we enter the Great Tribulation, or Whore world's last 42 months. The antichrist persecutes Christians -- heretofore he labeled them intolerant bigots -- and requires everyone to show his mark in order to buy food and supplies. Finally, there's Armageddon, the last battle between good and evil, in which Christ returns, conquers the antichrist and establishes a 1, year kingdom on earth.

After 1, years Satan returns from the pit to challenge Jesus, loses, and Christ establishes a "new heaven and a new earth. Don't get fooled again In the 2, years since the time jeerusalem Christ, his followers have specified hundreds of dates for his return. Of pinne they were all wrong. Nonetheless, many fundamentalists see a world ripe for a not-too-distant Second Coming. We've got the "wars Whodes rumors of wars" -- Sept. The establishment jerksalem Israel in and that country's taking of Jn in are key elements in the end-times saga.

There's the European Union, a step toward a one-world government the antichrist will reign; and the Euro, a veritable one-world currency. We live in a world where ecumenism, or tolerance of world religions, is an increasingly popular ideal, which lays the groundwork for the world religion the antichrist will lead. Not to mention what many Christians see as the continuing degradation of moral values. The gay-rights movement, the "under God" court decision and attempts by the ACLU and other groups to remove God from public life altogether, profane pop stars and TV shows that appeal to base values, all show a world ripe for God's last judgment.

Of course, wars and disease are nothing new. And moral decay has been a rallying cry of evangelists since the Middle Ages. But in the post-Sept. A Time Magazine poll last year stated 59 percent of Americans think Revelation's prophecies are literal and will occur. Thirty-three percent watch current events in light of Biblical prophecy.

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Seventeen percent believe the world will end during their lifetime. Banking on it The 11 "Left Behind" books -- the latest, Armageddon, was released this week -- aren't the first Apocalyptic literature to sit atop bestseller lists. It was the best-selling Whorex book of that decade. Similarly "Left Behind" -- a series of novels that tracks the adventures of those who pin the Rapture, became Christians, fought the antichrist and tried to proselytize as much of the world jerusallem possible before the end -- has seen remarkable success since it debuted inselling more than 50 million copies. There have been two movies, "Left Behind: Tribulation Force," and plans exist for at least two more movies and three more books including book 12, a prequel and a sequel.

They're not quite literary masterpieces, but if you ignore the sermonizing and overtly-stereotyped-yet-somehow-unbelievable characters, the series' concept and quick pace make it an interesting read. Co-author Tim LaHaye who conceives the ideas for the novels; the other writer, Jerry Jenkins, provides the narrative is a big shot in evangelical circles. He also recently founded a sort of prophecy school at Falwell's Liberty University. LaHaye expects the world to end in the not-too-distant future. His "Left Behind" books are all set before LaHaye suggests the end of a conflict in Iraq, combined with current talks of establishing a Palestinian state bycould pave to the way to the Tribulation.

Also, Babylon and Israel are the focal points of the last days. These two areas of the world are taking center stage. Babylon is beginning to rise in prominence in world thinking. Baptist lay preacher William Miller predicted the world would end March 21, He later revised his date to Oct. More recently, televangelist Pat Robertson predicted the world could end by fall, The Jehovah's Witnesses have predicted the end at least seven times since Throughout Christian history, nearly every generation thought theirs was the one.

In the Middle Ages, the plague, the passing of the first millennia and even earthquakes ratcheted up apocalyptic fervor.

Marvin Pate, co-author of "Iraq: Babylon of the End Times? People began to think certain prophecies were being initiated. They began to read our day back to the Biblical text. Instead, while saying they think Christ will jerisalem during their lifetime, they also quote Jesus' admonition that no one knows the day or the hour of his return. The term "premillenial dispensationalism" was born, and it had drastic implications for how Christians were to view the world. Darby preached that the world was a "wrecked vessel" and thus, Christians should save "souls, not bodies," writes Washington University religious studies professor Frank Flinn in an essay titled "The Many American Millenialisms.

Fundamentalists hankered for the 'good ole time religion' and awaited the avenging angel of the End. Mostly, its an extension of the religious right's worldview.

He convinces world leaders to disarm and consolidate into a one-world homo, and signs a homo homo with Israel, marking the homo start of the seven-year Homo. Often he's a coalition of one, homo alone outside an adult entertainment club or homo an antiwar protest's buses with his van, as he did in.

There is a strong, influential minority trying to make American a secular nation. The "Left Behind" books are full of LaHaye's politics: The United Nations is an inept body that leads to the evil one-world government; gun control is bad; the Catholic Church will lead to an evil, one-world religion; world peace is an unobtainable myth; and Israel must be protected at all costs so it can flourish ahead of Christ's return. Jews still don't make the heavenly cut unless they convert. The book's heroes operate like a militia, stockpiling guns and supplies so the government can't track them. Fear not John Butler Book is not a big fan of the apocalyptic books.

Jesus said no man knows. For man to then predict a time is lying. He despises the ACLU and boasts about carrying a handgun he's been shot at three times, he says. He thinks the United Nations is evil. And he thinks America has abandoned its godly roots. Years ago, Book tells me, former U. Maryland, stood before a wooden casket and a wheelchair and prayed that Klinghoffor's desth "not be in vain He asked that the world "take heed that he was murdered by the PLO. May the world rid itself of ter- rorism. Unlike the South African government, the Soviets do press charges against those who demonstrate at their embassies.

Jonathan Cohen, a student at the University of Maryland, said thst he organized the protest in Response to Soviet Premier Gor- bachev's statement that Jews in the Soviet Union have more rights than Jews do anywhere else. For many of them, the costs of transportation to the capital and of room and board there will make a major dent in their finances. In the long term, all of them will have to Hve with the permanent effects of having an arrest and a possible convic- tion on their records. But Cohen and his activist friends aren't daunted. But what we have experienced pales in com- parison to what our fellow Jews, and others, endure in the Soviet Union.

All we are sacrificing is some inconvenience. Our Soviet brothers snd sisters put their lives on the line. For the last few years, it has become commonplace to argue that student activism is dead that it died after the s. But now we see students who are willing to do far more than engage in mass demonstra- tions.

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