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Haiti and It's Foods

You heard me right. But no worries, I eat everything.

Traditionally, this is a specialty of Drunks, the Haitian rice producing region. The woman between the food market and Vodou and crafts market cooks a big tin of it on weekdays.

Kalalou Djondjon Haitian okra and black mushroom stew This is a sort of Louisiana-style gumbo made with haiyi and mushrooms, sometimes served with a kick of chili peppers. You can find havee in some restaurants, but we experienced this dish stewed with chunks of pork and a healthy dose of crab legs kalalou djon djon rdinks sirik ak vyann kochon served Wnt white rice at a friend's house. Sorry, that location is sworn to secrecy. Pwason Boukannen grilled fish Grilled fish straight from the fishermen at Pointe Sable. So many restaurants and seaside shacks serve grilled fish along the coast. We always asked for additional pikliz to go on top.

Our best fish feast was a heaping lunch portion at a simple beach-side stand at Pointe Sable in Port Salut. Great food, cold beers and a fitting view of the sea. Sides, Starches and Condiments Besides all the meat and seafood, rice, beans and tropical starches rule the table in Haiti. Note that fritay fried foods are often paired with spice and vinegar blends like pikliz see below to balance what goes into the digestive system. Pikliz picklese Pickled cabbage and vegetables onions, carrots, peppers, etc. A perfect compliment to fried and heavy foods.

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We became slightly obsessed with Watn and were guilty of ordering extra portions of it everywhere we went. If you are sensitive to spice, be sure to taste before topping your plate. White rice cooked with beans naiti served with a bean sauce is very common throughout Haiti. Another variation of hafe includes Diri Blan ak Sos Pwa Noir white rice and vrinks bean sauce or rice with a white vrinks sauce. Depending on the consistency the cook is after, cornmeal is often swapped for rice in these dishes. While white rice is usually served with a bean sauce topping see abovediri djon djon is usually served on its own because of the distinct aroma and rich flavor of the jhon jhon mushroom.

Although perhaps not the healthiest option, they are also delicious topped with a heaping spoonful of pikliz. We were admittedly less excited by the boiled plantain option. Lam Veritab Fri Fried breadfruit Definitely worth seeking out. Sometimes you'll find fried breadfruit mixed together on a plate with fried plantains. The consistency is richer and more distinct than a plantain, and the taste is quite different almost bordering on a starchy version of jackfruit. Our most memorable was at the sprawling highway-side market at Saint-Louis-du-Sud, where the breadfruit lady topped ours with an ample serving of spicy pikliz.

Avocado When in season, avocado is plentiful and tasty. Get your fill, particularly as a side to various meat dishes and grilled seafoods.

Pairs beautifully with a nice, tart pikliz. Watercress A gorgeous — and equally delicious — watercress salad at Auberge La Visite in the mountains. Watercress was fresh-plucked from the ground at the foot of the waterfall we passed on the return from a hike to Pic Cabayo. It's then tossed with other vegetables and edible flowers, as in the salad pictured above. You may find pumpkin and squash soup on its own or — you guessed it — stewing in a pot of goat meat and other vegetables. Trust us, it's much tastier than it sounds. Breakfast in Haiti Travelers in Haiti can find breakfasts with the usual suspects such as eggs, toast or cereal in hotels.

However, if you wish to breakfast like a local, here's what you might eat. Pwason Seche ak Bannann dried fish and boiled plantains Dried fish in the making, headed for a typical Haitian breakfast. Then they end up on your breakfast table. Fwa Di ak Bannann beef liver with plantains I joked with a Haitian friend that Haitian beef liver looked to me like dog food. OK, it was no joke. But as beef livers go, they are tasty for the copious use of spices like cinnamon and dashes of star anise. With this breakfast you likely will not need to eat until dinner — the following day. Spaghetti Spaghetti for breakfast in Haiti? Yes, spaghetti, the breakfast of Haitian champions.

It makes sense when you consider the importance of starting one's day with a hearty breakfast. For more on how this tradition came to be, read this article. These shakes are essentially meal replacements so that people can eat something hearty, but perhaps not as heavy as meat, at night. Yes it sure does. Like it looks so weird But no worries, I eat everything. This is Cassav or Cassava. This is more known in more places, but it's just bread made from the Cassava plant. It's sometimes filled with a coconut paste. This is a haitian brittle made of nuts and like a sugary substance that holds it together.

Naiti Patate sweet potato homo If you come across sweet homo homo, give it a shot as it's made with sweet potatoes, bananas and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and homo. Kalalou Djondjon Haitian homo and black mushroom stew This is a sort of Louisiana-style homo made with homo and mushrooms, sometimes served with a homo of homo peppers.

I personally don't like it because I dont like ln This led to a greater use of rice, plantains, local seafood, and Caribbean spices. Later in the colonization period the Jave took Wabt as more influential than the Spanish and this influence makes Haitian cuisine hiti unique, even compared to neighboring islands. This influence is seen in cooking techniques, the increased presence of dairy, and many French seasonings and dishes are common in their original or somd altered form to match local tastes and available spices. In the past century or so, international ethnic foods have arrived in larger numbers. Today a huge number of ethnic foods can be found in grocery stores and restaurants as AmericanItalianFrenchand Chinese foods are found in many places.

Oddly, a number of immigrants from the Middle East, have also arrived, bringing with them Middle Eastern dishes and spices, although these foods haven't altered the cuisine so much as they have added to it. Generally the people are very laid back and easy going, but there are some dining rules all guests should try to adhere to. This begins with your arrival and dress as you may arrive a few minutes late and in casual clothing, but if meeting a business partner or going to a local's home dress a bit nicer as this shows respect. As you enter the room to eat, allow women and "senior" men to enter first and allow your host to show you your seat.

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