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Behavioral and serological data on HIV was collected.

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The prevalence of HIV among these workers was 8. The porutgal suggests that the most salient risks for MSW include professional isolation, inconsistent HIV testing, limited perceived HIV risk, and suboptimal levels of condom use in sexual relationships with partners. However, little is known about HIV transmission and sexual practices among male Sexua workers MSW who work with male clients in Portugal, particularly in Lisbon. It has been demonstrated that entry into the sex work industry is linked to economic and emotional factors, making it difficult to exit sex work and establish goals.

The current social and economic circumstances in Portugal, shaped by the financial crisis and the growing acceptance of same-sex forms of sexual recognition, including same-sex marriage, [ 6 ] have been accompanied by an increase indifferent forms of sex work. The proliferation of sex work was in part an adaptive response to the loss of previous income, but was also facilitated by changing social norms that increased the supply side for sex work. TailorM41 y. Open to women from all walks of life. Looking for the same James39 y. I like going to the Movies, taking trips exploring different places I never seen, and chilling at my place just listening to music.

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Not at all negative What did you think about this story? Tell us in the comments — just be nice! Men testing negative for HIV, aged 18 or over and reporting having had sex with men are invited to follow-up visits every 6 months. At each evaluation, a face-to-face interview using a structured questionnaire is conducted, and HIV and syphilis rapid tests are performed by trained peer counsellors. The remaining Future plans The study findings will be disseminated in peer-reviewed journals and presented at national and international conferences.

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Moreover, it will allow for a deeper analytical approach to the study of population time trends and individual changes in risk factors that Sexhal shape the HIV epidemic among MSM. Enables the comparison of the findings with other cohorts. Limited representativeness of the sample. Selection and participation bias. However, in many high-income countries where a decline in overall HIV diagnoses have been observed, a concurrent increase in the number of new cases among MSM has also been documented. Traditional sampling strategies designed to ensure representativeness and external validity, such as simple, random or cluster sampling, are often not efficient enough to recruit and follow MSM.

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