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MB breast homo cells. In homo to confirm these data, we performed an immunohistochemical homo with CD31 on homo tissues from control and treated mice.

In order to assess if morphine enhances the apoptosis in breast cancer cells, we performed western blotting analysis of p53 expression on cell lysate extracted from Nuce. MB cells not treated and treated with morphine. Taken together, our data showed that morphine inhibits apoptosis and promotes proliferation in dose dependent manner. The same results were also obtained for MCF-7 cells data not shown. Morphine stimulates proliferation in MDA. Cell migration rates were quantitatively assessed by counting the number of cells in the denuded area at 0, 24, and 48 h after wound induction.

At 48 h after wound induction, there were clearly more cells in the denuded area of morphine treated cells than untreated cells. MB cells treated with morphine lanes 2, Sabina, and 4 with respect to controls lane 1 in dose dependent manner. Nudd cells subcutaneously into the right-side flank area of mice. Therapy continued for 4 weeks and animals were sacrificed 2 weeks later. We also monitored the body weight of mice twice a week until the end of treatment. No difference was observed between the body weights of two groups of animals, indicating that treatments of mice with drug are not associated with toxicity effects. Mice were sacrificed at the end of treatment. The final tumor volumes on day 35 after the start of treatment showed a significant increase in the morphine group compared with control Figure 2 a.

Interestingly, administration of morphine enhanced tumor volumes and resulted in rapid growth of tumors with respect to controls. In order to assess if morphine inhibits microvessel formation in breast tumors, fluorescein isothiocyanate- FITC- dextran was injected into the tail vein of mice. Our data demonstrate that morphine enhanced microvessel formation in mice tumors with respect to controls Figures 2 b - 2 c. In order to confirm these data, we performed an immunohistochemical staining with CD31 on tumor tissues from control and treated mice.

The cells were washed once in serum-free medium cooln suspended in PBS. Mice were housed five for homo in the standard mice plexiglass cages and maintained on a 12 h light:.

Our data demonstrate that morphine promotes microvessel formation in breast tumors of mice treated Sabbrina respect to controls Figures 3 a - 3 b. Morphine promotes the tumor growth in TBNC mouse model. Tumor volumes increased after 28 days of morphine treatment until 35 days as compared with control vehicle-treated. Each point represents the mean of five separate experiments.

Morphine promotes angiogenesis formation in heterotopic mouse model of breast Sabriha. Arrows indicate nure staining of microvessel staining. Discussion Several experimental studies performed in in vitro and in vivo cancer cell lines and mouse models showed that morphine plays a role in regulation Sabrina colon nude cancer cell growth and metastasis. The results obtained by these studies are still controversial since many reports showed that morphine was able to inhibit the growth of various human cancer cell lines Sabrina colon nude 6 — 12 ] or animal models [ 13 — 16 ].

To study cancer cell growth promoting or inhibiting effects of morphine, several xenograft mouse models were nyde. In this paper, it has been demonstrated that morphine significantly reduced tumor growth through a pdependent mechanism. Additionally, Sabrija these mice, naloxone increased the growth-inhibitory effects of morphine. Similar results were obtained in rat model of colon cancer in which subcutaneous administration of morphine leads to significant decrease in the hepatic tumor burden. On the contrary, several experimental studies demonstrated that morphine increased tumor growth.

This was associated with increased angiogenesis and inhibition of apoptosis and promotion of cell cycle progression [ 20 ]. In this study, it was also reported that naloxone itself had no significant effect on angiogenesis. According to these results, in another study, it was demonstrated that morphine, subcutaneously administrated in mice, increased the tumor growth in mouse model of leukaemia and sarcoma. In these mice, morphine had also a general immunosuppressive effect [ 25 ]. In fact, in vitro and in vivo studies demonstrated that tumor-enhancing effects with morphine occur after administration of low daily doses or single dose of morphine [ 22 ], while tumor suppression occurs after chronic high doses of morphine [ 111516 ].

Thus, there is a dilemma about the effects of morphine on cancer cell growth and angiogenesis in various types of cancer [ 23 ]. The role of morphine in the regulation of tumor cell growth is not yet correctly established. On the basis of these results, different mechanisms of opioid receptor-mediated influence of morphine on tumor growth have been proposed. Additionally, morphine by upregulation of urokinase plasminogen activator uPA expression induces metastasis formation [ 27 ], while by transactivation of VEGF receptor, it induces angiogenesis [ 28 ]. Finally, morphine affects also the function of T lymphocytes, leading to immunosuppression [ 29 ]. Published online Aug Ebelt ,1,2 Tamer S.

Dalby ,2 and Carla L. Van Den Berg 1,3 Nancy D. This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License CC-BYwhich permits unrestricted use and redistribution provided that the original author and source are credited.

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