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Aftica in East Africa, where volcanic bedrock allows accurate dating by means of physical and chemical tests, in South Africa, scientists must rely on less exact relative methods. There are no volcanic rocks at Sterkfontein. Remains are found in dolomite, or limestone, caves. Water melts the limestone and the solution mixes with the sand or bones on the cave floor, forming a concrete-like mixture called brecchia that contains the fossils.

Berger says that biochronogical dating has been the most common method used to date South African sites. This relative method of dating uses index fossils of a known age to date other fossils in the same deposit, including hominins. Partridge devised a geological model for interpreting Sterkfontein's complicated layers of brecchia. He divided the Sterkfontein deposits into age classes called members, labelling them in sequence from oldest to youngest.

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Member 1 at the bottom would be the oldest and member 6 the youngest. Paleomagnetic dating, where the magnetic properties of artefacts are studied, estimated that some of South Africa's oldest hominin fossils were up to 3,5-million years old. Berger's team found that the fauna of Sterkfontein did not tally with those ages and he determined that the fossils could not be older than 3,million years. Could pass on the website for the one that made me feel more secure.

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