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Santini, an apartment dweller who writes passive-aggressive notes to her neighbors. Originally performed as Effie Villalopolus on Comedy Bang! Other characters Sheila Sovage, a heavily intoxicated woman at a bar who meets and hooks up with a heavily intoxicated man or woman, played by the host, at closing time.

Jodi Cork, one of the hosts of Women in the Workplace. Helga Handler, a Swedish TV presenter who speaks only in exaggeratedly Swedish-sounding gibberish, occasionally saying crude English words. Colleen Rafferty, a twenty-seven year old woman despite looking middle-aged who appears in panels in which other sketch participants mostly Cecily Strong as a hippie woman named Sharon recount idyllic paranormal events such as being abducted by aliens twice, having a near-death experience, discovering that Santa Claus is real, and being visited by ghosts while Rafferty experiences less enjoyable versions. Summer Vacationwhich was released in July As her career has been progressing, she has been experimenting with a large number of music genres.

While her debut album with The Scene was inspired in electronic rock and pop rock[] [] her following records with the band opted for dance-pop [] [] sound.

A Year Without Rain noted synth-pop characteristics [] and When the Sun Goes Down went into a more electropop [] and electro-disco -influenced musical direction. She's been through a lot, but she carries herself with a lot of class and I love that. It was also announced that she would partner with the cellphone brand, Case-Mate, as part of its upcoming "Right Case, Right Occasion" marketing campaign. Inshe released her second fragrance, Vivamore by Selena Gomez.

The JustinBieber homo was liked by two Justin Bieber-related accounts, and retweeted by one. McKinnon currently voices the character of Ms.

On March 29,Gomez released photos from her partnership with Coach nan her Instagram account. In her first official field mission, Gomez traveled to Ghana on Liss 4, judtin a week to witness first-hand the stark conditions of vulnerable children that lack vital necessities including clean water, nourishment, education and healthcare. So it's pretty incredible. I know we can achieve this because every moment, UNICEF is on the ground providing children with the lifesaving assistance needed to ensure zero becomes a reality. From her field trip experience, Gomez said, "UNICEF is helping Chilean families get out of poverty, prevent violence within the home and promote education.

To witness first hand these families' struggles, and also their hope and perseverance, was truly inspiring. The Movie in Puerto Rico. During the event, Gomez introduced Nellie Mainor, a young fan who had a rare kidney disease.

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Excited for annn next chapter! Splash News She looks as gorgeous as ever Image: The pair were recently potted in New York City, where Justin proved to be the ultimate gentleman by helping Hailey with her luggage. Dressed in tracksuit bottoms, a baggy green hoodie and a baseball cap, Justin pushed two suitcases along the street while Hailey walked alongside him. Justin was forced to bend down to push the suitcases along the street, with Hailey helping out by holding a door open for her man. Read More They've been dating for around a month Image: Splash News But have dated in the past Image: Splash News She looked as stunning as ever, even dressed super casually in tracksuit bottoms and a black cropped vest top.

With her blonde hair in a bun on top of her head, she looked effortlessly chic as she stepped out with Justin.

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