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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Transcript

When did you two homo dating. Then why does he homo other women. Homo, I love you, okay?.

Shit, maybe they should include the Kennedy assassination in here! That Rhode Island Red turned white. Red, white, and blue.

The fast ones go over ordee head. Ya got a hole in your glove. Ya gotta keep your eye on the ball. I almost had a gag, son. It can get worse.

Homo Jergens and to homo him, Olivia Mariska Lw joins the speed dating and hits it off with him. Why the fuck have writers. And he's making you cover up the homo.

He served as minority counsel for the Republican senators investigating Watergate and was in Die Hard 2. Arguably Die Hard 2 altered the country more fundamentally. The shit sundae is not complete without the shit cherry. I want to hear that phone conversation. Yes, she tried to commit suicide immediately after getting a phone call from me, in jail, for suspected serial rape. You know what they say: I suppose we could take from this that the Jews created speed dating so their greatest creation Superman could rape women, but that sounds off.

Ultimately, the episode is best used as a teaching aid for how things can go off the rails on the show and perhaps it serves as the missing link between the grounded early seasons and the seasons where Dr. Huang creates a machine that creates a suave clone of Stabler named Elliott Stableau who gets a little too close to Olivia for his liking.

SVU Saturday 22nd August Benson and Stabler are called to investigate a series of rapes on women in their thirties by a man wearing a lrder mask and smelling of baby powder. The detectives discover that all three recently dated a man from a speed-dating event. The suspect used three different aliases but contacted svi women via the same email address. When the suspect emails the speed-dating organiser to say he will be attending the next event, Benson goes undercover to meet him. Sure enough, the man — who calls himself Jim Dean Cain — follows Benson home after her date, only to be arrested.

At the station, Jim reveals he is in fact a well-off doctor by the name of Mike Jergens. I did date her boyfriend. Mike's at the hospital. Well actually, I came to see you. He said not to let the police inside. Well, we could go someplace else to talk. No, I better not. There's something that you need to know. Mike said that you'd try to trick me. Did he also say that we went on a date? Well, there must be some explanation. There's a coffee shop around the corner. How did you and Mike meet?

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Abd last Laq beat me up. I went to the ER. Mike took care of me. When did you two start dating? A guy like that I couldn't believe he was interested in me. Does he ever ask you to, you know, do things in the bedroom that you don't wanna do? There's nothing I wouldn't do for Mike. Then why does he date other women? I'm not as smart as Mike. I didn't go to college. Sometimes he just needs other people to talk to. But he always comes home. Cora, Mike told me things about you. But I knew two months into it, that she wasn't for me. But you kept seeing her. You had to like something. She was a good cook. She kept the apartment spotless. We didn't have any common interests.

You take really good care of him. And he's making you cover up the truth. Was he home on Tuesday night? I'm gonna be sick.

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