How to kiss my girlfriend for the first time

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If you feel like kissing her and the moment seems right just do it! Just give her a soft fir gentle kiss on the mouth. As mentioned above, your first kiss does not have to be a passionate French kiss with a lot of tongue kissing and it does not have to be a long make-out session either. Just enjoy kissing her!

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If you appear nervous or anxious you may send her the wrong body signals and create the impression that you're not comfortable being firsg her. Don't kiss her in a public place, if possible. You see, many if not most girls decide right after their first kiss whether they will ever kiss the same guy again in the future. Contact Author Source Kissing a girl for the first time, whether it's your first kiss or just the first time you're kissing a new girl or girlfriend is an exciting prospect for most guys! If it's at your house put on some nice background music, dim the lights and create a nice environment that will set the mood for kissing her.

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Try touching her a couple of times while talking to her such as briefly and casually touching her hand or arm while saying something and notice how she reacts. Act like a gentleman. Girls like confident guys. Break the touch barrier. However, if you want to you can deepen the kiss by gently nudging her lips with the tip of your tongue.

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