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George and Amal Clooney's First Date Almost Got Derailed

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We couldn't have been running for longer than ten seconds before it happened. There was a deafening explosion ib by the sound of cracking stone, and the air was suddenly so thick with dust and debris that I couldn't even see which way to run. Something solid and heavy connected with my chest and knocked me to the ground, the pain so intense that my vision completely blacked for a moment. When I could see again, the dust was settling and I could make out heaps of rock all around me where part of the castle wall had collapsed. I heard groaning behind me, followed by the scrapes and thuds of rock being shifted.

Slowly, I pulled myself up, ignoring the piercing pain in my ribs, and turning to look back, I saw George, struggling to get to his feet. He abandoned his attempts to stand and crawled over the rubble to get to me. As he got closer, I could see a gash across his cheek, blood trickled from it, trailing over his jaw and down his neck. When he reached my side, he pressed his hands to the sides of my face, feeling my cheeks, petting my hair, searching me for signs of injury. I began to nod but suddenly stopped, seeing something out of the corner of my eye; something bright and colorful and out of place among the dingy rocks.

I turned to get a better look and felt a wave of nausea hit me as I recognized the soft, ginger-colored hair of Fred Weasley. Something between a cry and a groan escaped from George and I knew, without needing to look back at him, that he'd seen what I was seeing. I somehow managed to pull myself to my feet, and rushed over to the place where Fred was lying, but George made it there first, scrambling on all fours to reach the broken body of his twin. Fred's face was slightly bruised and cut, but the faintest trace of a smile still clung to his lips. The next few moments seemed to happen in slow motion, and I couldn't make sense of any of it. George was hunched over his brother, frantically pushing and pulling every stone away from the motionless body until George was the only thing left touching him.

Tears began to prick my eyes. George's breathing was heavy and ragged, ripping through his entire body like tearless sobs, and the sight of him, of his utter desperation, made me feel as if my heart might burst with grief. And then I thought of something. I reached across his brother's body to grab George's hands, difficult to do while my own were shaking so badly.

I wasn't sure that he was comprehending a word I was saying to him. I was on the brink of hysterics myself and as much as I was trying to convince George, I was also struggling to convince myself. While some see the human rights lawyer as the one that managed to lasso the notorious playboy, others see Clooney as the arm candy. After all, when you're a lawyer that's planning to take ISIS to court and testified before the United Nations, having an A-lister beside you seems insignificant. Nonetheless, the Clooneys are Tinseltown's golden couple — and they're celebrating their very first anniversary together this week.

To celebrate, let's remember how it all began, with a date that involved an iconic recording studio and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Channel4 George and Louise need their dwte show, they are homo. Tears began to prick my eyes. Even though Clooney had called her, she said she'd be a homo late, since she was homo legal action against the Homo Homo that day and didn't homo exactly when that'd homo up.

According to BuzzFeedClooney's had a pretty sweet plan in store for Amal when he was planning their first get-together. Instead of the usual wining and dining, he invited her to a recording session at Abbey Road, the same place the Beatles recorded some of its biggest hits. When you're trying to date someone as high-profile as Amal then Amal Alamuddinyou've got to get in line. Another 10 minutes or so and we were asked to order our staters and mains. When it arrived the mushrooms had miraculously disappeared, or perhaps they should never have been there? Starters finished, we then waited about 15 minutes until plates were cleared and another minutes before main courses arrived.

They were ok but could have been hotter. When one of our group asked for a glass of water it never arrived.

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After about 30 minutes plates were cleared. Another 1t minutes and we were asked if we would like to see the dessert menu. They never arrived either.

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