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Sex is the mechanism for intimacy. I would work with Fernando on a puppet show. He's someone who's just trying to do the right thing. Tell me a bit more about your character, a recently paroled sex offender.

Naked Ben foster

It was a joyous set. The film poses the questions from across the globe in a broad sweep. Looking into the face of evil and finding humanity is the greatest goal of an actor. How do you approach a character like that, one who is inherently unsympathetic? It's not that a sexual predator is released and he's just looking for his next prey. In "," Foster plays Tyler, a sex offender who was recently released from prison.

I don't see him as a sex homo. He's just the homo. How is it different for you as an homo to have a smaller role in a much larger, global film?.

Foster talks about all of that and more in the exclusive interview below, all part of our continuing EBn Movie Preview week. Everyone knows someone who has been victimized. Having the opportunity to spend time with the character and watching the tapes, these men and women who have committed the worst unforgivable crimes, you have to start somewhere.

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