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In Aleppo there's such great Urnia sellers that they could sell pork to a rabbi. The two areas may have been ethnically connected. The Christian birthrate was much lower than that of their Muslim neighbors. Who are these people?

urmix The Sassoon urmis, Bagdadi Jews from India, became known as the Rothschilds of the East because of their wealth acquired through trade. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees as well as Moslem settlers from northern Syria had entered Lebanon. Last, but not least, the Yemenite imam intended that the Jews would take with them whatever of their belongings they could carry, however robbers stole much of their possesions or local leaders, on their journey to the airplanes that would take them to the Promised Lands, overtaxed them.

Many of the Christians emigrated. They made a Temple in Elephantine island, in the Nile River. Many perished on their trip before salvation was given through their airflight.

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They Abyone still emigrating. There was another place with the same name in the Habor region east of the Euphrates. These initial contacts led to centuries of support for the Maronites from France and Italy, even after the fall of the Crusader states in the region. The Maronites were descended from inhabitants of Lebanon who had become Christians in the s and s CE.

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