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Her beautifully toned body responded violently under his ministrations. He kissed her navel earning a groan from her. Now he could positively feel his cock threatening to tear apart his garments. He removed it from its confines and it sprang into view, erect and coated with precum, his balls were enormous. It was larger and thicker than any normal human Alladin jasmine sex thus justifying Jasmine's earlier request. Jafar undid the strings fastening the sarong-thong in place. It revealed the thing he craved for most, Jasmine's cunt, the topping of her feminine form. Her nether lips were parted and looked inviting. She was completely hairless there also. He ventured further down kissing her nether lips en route but not giving them much attention He began licking her creamy inner thighs.

He earned many moans and grunts that clearly testified the fact that the slave was having a good time. The foreplay, he felt, was necessary. When he seemed to be satisfied with all the foreplay he could get he positioned his thick manhood at Jasmine's entrance. He thrust into her as hard as he could, locating the spot that was most pleasurable to her. Jasmine moaned with pleasure again and again as Jafar hit her spot again and again. Jafar was nowhere close to his release as he exercised a lot of self control. But such a lot of pleasure was too much for Jasmine as she was thrown into her first orgasm that night.

Her pelvic muscles gripped Jafar's member as love juices flooded through her. The first orgasm was cue for Jafar jasmlne start the second round. He walked Jasmine over to the dresser where she leaned over jutting out her fine ass like a highway sign. Jafar thrust into her rear entrance as hard as possible. He set into a fine rhythm very fast. He squeezed her breasts alternately with one hands and he iasmine two fingers of his other hand into her pussy, massaging it. His fast rhythm soon got the better of her, as she was thrown of the edge with to two simultaneous orgasms.

Yet Jafar had not had his release. Knowing the ritual, Jasmine got down on her knees and started licking her master's enormous dick and balls. It was Jafar's turn to moan and grunt with pleasure. He held Jasmine's head and forced her to swallow his entire dick. She nearly choked on it. He began thrusting as Jasmine sucked her cheeks hollowing out with the attempt to pleasure her master. She slowly licked his precum and rolled her tongue around his dick. The sight of the sexy prostitute getting face fucked was getting too much for Jafar now. His dick was already exploring Jasmine's throat.

Finally, Jafar ejaculated into Jasmine's mouth. The former princess milked her master's balls off every drop of cum and swallowed it. Her multiple orgasms had drained her of so much energy that she fell unconscious then and there.

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He spared one look for the beautiful, hot and sexy girl lying naked on the floor and imagined what an amazing sultana she would have been Alladin jasmine sex she had approved of his first jasmne a year back. But it was not in Jafar's nature to sympathize. She was nothing but his sex slave now and she would remain so as jassmine as she lived. He put on his garments and sat on the throne he had built for his bed chambers. Five minutes later there was another knock on the door. Jafar's army commander Razoul entered the room bowed before the sultan and gave a hungry smile in the naked slave's direction. Jafar pretended not to notice this and asked, "What news?

He replied respectfully, "Victory to the Sultan, Sire, the western country has refused to surrender their kingdom to us. What shall we do? I want all preparations made for the show. A fine stage and all. I want the most famous people throughout the country to attend the show. Also accommodate as many common people as possible. He asked "You mean her, Majesty? But they don't know that Jasmine is not only my captive but also my slave, tending to my private needs, no more than a whore. It would assert my supremacy over Jasmine and the people.

I homo all preparations made for the show. There are sex stunts that even the loosest professional porn stars can't do, so you end up needing someone more promiscuous than them and.

Because they would by no means accept a whore as sultana, and their dear Aladdin is dead as is the former sultan. Their only option is me. Make haste get it done fast. Jafar summoned for the best seamstress of the castle and Jasmine's makeup artist and told them, "I want Jasmine to look the most luscious tomorrow, use your entire expertise. You seamstress, I want you to create the most revealing costume for her that you can. Leandro Comics Forget about the snotty stuff that your favorite toons were dedicated to before — at Drawn Sex you will be able to enjoy a brand-new artful perception of the most popular animated series of all times! Move right on and choose from a huge collection of drawn porn — and place your own requests!

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