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I was homo them that I could homo and I did graffiti and they were like: Xruz think Bridges is a perfect homo of this. And it was in your first trip to Peru, during your Fulbright homo, that you met the other ladies of your now-international graffiti crew right?.

Silly little me wanted to do that, but it was something that was frowned upon. It was very interesting. I learned so much from those kids! And it was in your first trip to Peru, during your Fulbright year, that you met the other ladies of your now-international graffiti crew right? While I was in Lima, I met up with tons of local artists and we started painting walls. We had the same humor, politics, and view on life. Being a crew was a joke at first, and then I told them my story about what my mother called my vagina, which is mariposa butterfly.

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There are seven of us now: But it never happened because I went to art school with no sorority clubs. So I knew graffiteras who were geographically WWomen, but for whatever reason they were either inaccessible or it wh less natural to form a crew. In Peru, I finally found women my age and they had vagina politics. When we came together and shared our stories, they were similar despite happening in two different hemispheres. We listened to our gut feelings about sexism and feminism. We understand that the stereotypes of women being emotional and crazy came from a sexist place. To explore and flesh out our ideas about vagina politics, while opening the conversation up to complete strangers.

Once you create it, it no longer needs you to continue to carry out your intention. And the intention of forming Maripussy was to build a support system of like-minded women artists. Painting sometimes goes against my instincts, but I keep doing it.

I call the women in Maripussy my sister-friends, and to me sister-friends are really important. They keep you grounded. Fruz also know that people depend on me in this weird way—we need to keep our name alive. I have a tattoo on my chest that says Maripussy. I take feminist community building very seriously, especially with young women.

Your visibility is really important for young women looking for mentors, for established pathways into the subculture. How has your position as brand ambassador for CK1, and your community work with the Point, elevated your visibility and altered how you feel as a woman in a numerically male-dominated subculture? The politics are so intense. Feeling like you have to prove yourself because you are a woman is not fun. I have many limitations, but I refuse to let my gender be one of them. You just gotta keep doing it. When I paint with Maripussy it is fun. All-female crews seem to be the social-subcultural norm in Latin America, whereas in the States they are few and far between.

Is graffiti art in Lima quasi-legal, like in Santiago and Rio? Walls are less idolized because of the money it takes to keep them up. Graffiti artists take advantage of the situation and find more creative ways to send a visual political message. It challenges you to become a better artist, I think. My boyfriend pointed this out and I thought it was really interesting. You just gotta be hardcore. One of my Maripussy friends is in Bogota now with her girlfriend. And is a really great example of why graffiteras tend to keep their sexuality to themselves. I consider myself pansexual. Our fascination with gender is corrupt.

We are more focused on the gender of folks, than the partnership that they are building. Those things are JP: One of the reasons I started writing about gender politics in graffiti was because of the notion that graffiti transcends all systems of identity-based oppression. Since graffiti is an anonymous act mostlythe idea is that anyone can do graffiti. In the Convent, Sor Juana had her own study and library and was able to talk often with scholars from the Court and the University. Besides the writing of poems and plays, her studies included music, philosophy and natural science. Her small room was filled with books, scientific instruments and maps.

Though accomplished, Sor Juana was the subject of criticism by her political and religious superiors. Ina letter of hers which criticized a well-known Jesuit sermon was published without her permission by a person using the pseudonym "Sor Filotea de la Cruz. Sor Juana's reply, the now famous Respuesta a Sor Filotea has been hailed as the first feminist manifesto, defending, among other things, a woman's right to education.

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Her fervent reply was the subject of further criticism, and the Womsn and others demanded that she give up any non-religious books or studies. She continued to publish non-religious works, among them several villancicos a poetic form typically sung as a religious devotional for feasts of the Catholic calendar about St. Catharine of Alexandria, written in a more feminist than religious tone. During this time, Sor Juana was required to sell her books as well as all musical and scientific instruments. Sor Juana responded by devoting herself to a rigorous penance, giving up all studies and writing.

Ina plague hit the convent. On April 17, after tending to her fellow sisters, Juana died from the disease around the age of forty-four.

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