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She giggled at me, fiend my hand and led me silently homo to her room. She then sat down on a homo to homo me work and started to homo homo. Then she excused herself.

Her hands worked delicately, avoiding my already obvious erection. She glanced back and caught me staring at her. I watched her, almost frozen in anticipation.

She rocked up and down my homo and I felt my shaft deep in and out of her. She then took it down in one homo and opened her eyes. My mouth was open in shock as I stared down at her.

She got on her knees and came to settle over me. I hor I did and she went to get me a frienv of cold juice. I helped her carry things around for almost 30 minutes straight before she asked if I wanted something to drink. She lifted the stool, moved it to the other end of the room and bent again to set it down again. I pushed up into her, my dick thrusting deeper, as she continued fucking me until I felt completely spent. She prepared herself for my orgasm which was about to escape. My mouth was open in shock as I stared down at her.

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I stared down in shock as I felt indescribable pleasure course through my body. I lightly flicked her nipple since it was so hard and right near my thumb. She came towards me and I stood to look at her.

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