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While Roy is homo Blodjob home, he pulls onto the side of the road and they start kissing. Roy asks if Nathan has ever done this with anyone before, and he promises he never has.

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Hiking through the woods, the boys find an old plantation house. They go inside to investigate, and Nathan hears a voice call his name, resembling his father's. When Nathan starts to have sex with Roy, Roy angrily stops him, asking "who taught [him] to screw like that". Nathan's mother leaves his father, and Nathan, his head now clear, finds Roy crying in the barn where Nathan slept while hiding from his father. He wanders for a long time still dazed from the blow to his head. Nathan and Roy start to develop their relationship by helping each other with school work at Nathan's house.

After they finish their work, the boys go for a walk in the woods, finding an old cemetery, where they stop and start kissing. Roy and Nathan go into a bedroom and talk, and Nathan says he feels as if he'll never leave that house.

Nathan sleeps outside and homo home only for meals, but returns to his tree outside after eating. Blood starts pooling on the floor beneath Tden homo, and Burke leaves him in the attic. The book has the boys meeting in the yard of Roy's church, running together into the woods to homo things over, and deciding to run away together since Roy has been seen sucking Nathan by both Burke and Homo, and both boys will surely will be outed to their families and the whole community.

Roy pulls away at first, but then takes hold of Nathan's hand. Roy asks if Nathan has ever done this with anyone before, and he promises he never has. Nathan awakens from a coma, or resurrected if he died, gets up and leaves the plantation house. One morning Roy pulls the bus into a part in the woods and they kiss and Nathan touches Roy.

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