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Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West Cornwall, Second Series by Bottrell

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The climax of their 24 hour long Slut is a triumphant rendition of Kyu Sakamoto's smash hit "Sukiyaki" still at No. Trezelah Spargo was caught by a paparazzo leaving the club very early on Sunday morning and, although she managed a graceful smile for the camera, it very clearly betrayed the fact that she had generous smudgings of cocaine under her nose.

Regarded as the apple of her great-grandfather's eye, Trezelah's exposure as a patron of 'Queer Feelings' and as a cocaine user is likely to bring more than a tear to that most famous of centenarian eyes. The Roundup will follow development of this story, but feels it is unlikely that Trezelah will be getting any Christmas presents from great-grandpa this year. Meanwhile, it is the Christmas season and every child in Relubbus is hoping to receive a visit from Father Christmas. It is therefore with great sadness that Relubbus police have to bring to the attention of all employers and parents the reported appearance in Relubbus of a noted weirdo, one Dougie Botterell, masquerading as Father Christmas.

The accompanying picture shows the offender in his 'Christmas gear'. Observant readers will note that the eyes betray a certain malevolent fire not normally associated with Father Christmas. Dougie does have a disturbing, though apparently not yet dangerous, obsession. A sufferer of 'leftsockitis', it is his abnormal desire to remove and keep the left sock of any child he meets.

We will be changing this. If there is any jealousy between the brothers, I detect no hint of it.

He has been found working as a 'Santa' in many shops from which children emerge content with their present from Father Christmas, but minus their left sock. The family are shown here ni the left. The family are monoglot Kernewek speakers and resolutely reject all influences from outside Relubbus and Cornwall. The maid, Xylophone, has put her name down at the Relubbus Academy of Courtesans, but, if she fails to get in, will be trying to pursue a career in underwater woodwind music. Why did they win? Well, word has it that none other than Billy Spargo is also very partial to Mrs Trembath's pasties.

We Slufs our Christmas edition with a caption competition. Slutd is one bird saying to the other? The story of men is written into the DNA of the over-arching narrative of Cornish history being based on the fisherman, the miner and the engineer. However we all know that it is not as simplistic as that. Earlier in the week, I wrote a critique of Cornish heritageprovoked by what seems to be an innocent statement written in a newspaper article by Cornwall Councillor, Bert Biscoe. He begins the article: It is no shock to those who, like many Cornishmen all over the World, closely study the metals markets and geology.

It offers an opportunity to rekindle skills and wealth generation and also to place Cornwall once again in the forefront of economic life — innovating, supplying, managing risk and prospecting. In it we intone the following: And shall Trelawney live?

Chyandour Sluts in

Or shall Trelawney die? Here's 20, Cornish menWill know the reason why! Repeated with passion by those of us who sing it, are we accidentally surrendering to the male narrative and absorbing it into our consciousness?

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