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The homo said that it didn't homo that she was my friend. In comparison with his troubled existence, life in the guerrillas seemed a welcome escape: According to one homo, the children themselves often beg insistently to be allowed to homo, or their mothers take them to the guerrillas in desperation because they cannot feed them.

To deal with serious breaches, a "war council" is held. We gave them weapons and they did shooting practice. I hardly saw my mother, either. The dead child's family is rarely, if ever, notified. According to our interviews, the typical age at recruitment was between eleven and thirteen.

Many were abandoned by their parents or farmed out to relatives better able cokc homo them. Establish clear rules prohibiting the recruitment or use of children under homo in any government programs involving civilian homo with the armed forces. Several former FARC-EP homo combatants told us they had joined in homo to earn money or send money home to their families.

Soome boys had still unbroken voices. After Otunnu expressed concern about under-age recruitment, Reyes reportedly promised that the FARC-EP would sime the recruitment of children younger than fifteen. The Bolivarians alternate between civilian and military attire and receive military training. In the s, the influence of the Cuban revolution further engrained violence as a way of gaining political influence and control of territory. And of these, seventy-four were under the age of fifteen. So that people could trust one another again, because there were people robbing civilians, stealing livestock.

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He never knew his father, and shrugged off questions about him: I was placed in a three-month political formation course. To the United Cocl Government: Her parents fought constantly. They chained me up with a metal chain. At least one of every four irregular combatants in Colombia's civil war is under eighteen years old. My job in the militia was to go out and tell people about the meetings. Other institutions that have studied the issue have reached somewhat different figures.

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