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How to Pray For Your Future Wife

Her homo Homo service arises from the homo-level. But if she is being homo to God, homo Him in all things and has done all she can do, then she is in the center of His will.

In the riches that are in Him. On the other hand, this does not mean that I am not currently working on preparing myself financially for our future. I expect to give my life for you as our Savior gave His for the Church I believe this entails all of life. I will not only seek to please your material needs, but your spiritual ones as well. Before long, what was once a tiny concern has grown into a potential catastrophe within my mind. Then I am fearful and exhausted! Like most women, her mind sees many potential possibilities in any given situation. It is because of her giftedness to think with complexity and juggle multiple ideas at once that fear finds room to infiltrate her mind.

Your future wife may be fearful of the future, worry about things beyond her control and second-guess or third-guess what to do next. At times, she may feel like everything is totally out of control in her life. Pray that… God overrules any worry that arises within her mind Philippians 4: The Holy Spirit controls her and sets her free from fear 2 Timothy 1: The truth so saturates her mind that doubts will have no place to take root Philippians 4: Her calling Your future wife has a special calling on her life. Granted, every follower of Christ has the mission to make Him known to the world Matthew But God also has a specific plan for her for how she will reflect the character of Jesus to others, and He will enable her to accomplish what He intends.

He may have told her exactly what He wants her to do in life, but He may be revealing the directions and details of her call a bit at a time. Regardless of how He may show these things to her, God is allowing her to grow in her faith and exercise her gifts along the way. Your future wife feels that same pressure. There may be tears and a sickening feeling when she faces uncertainty about how to proceed. In all these moments, whether in victory or seeming derailment, she needs to stay close to Him and listen for His voice. She is open and surrendered to wherever God leads her Isaiah 6: She is faithful where He has placed her now, and seeks to fulfill His plan for her in her current place in life Luke Her prayer life Gentlemen, your desire must be that your future wife is a woman of prayer.

You want her to talk to her Father with passion.

Her prayer life should be a concerted effort, not a convenient perk. With all of the possible distractions of today, drifting attention is the norm. Becoming a person of prayer requires diligence to push through the mass of busyness we all encounter. Perhaps your future wife has prayed and prayed for something and, as of yet, has received no answer. She may feel like giving up. She should show a lifestyle of prayer—an intimate, ongoing conversation with the Eternal One. Prayer expresses her dependence upon, thankfulness toward and connection to God Himself. Not only do you want her to want to spend time with God, you want her to realize that God longs to spend that time with her.

May her first response to crisis or blessing, to confusion or clarity, be prayer. Pray that… She is dependent upon the power of God through prayer John God gives her a deeper desire for prayer Luke She is able to concentrate and focus as she prays Matthew 6: Prayer is her first, not last, resort James 5: Her emotions When asked about how men could pray for them, many women brought this idea up often. There are highly logical women, just as there are very emotional men, but the tendency is for women to be more in touch with their emotional lives and the emotional lives of others more so than their male counterparts.

Having emotions is a strength, not a weakness, but there are times when emotions can be deceitful. She needs what feels right to be governed by what is right. Strong feelings can make one very vulnerable, and being vulnerable can be scary.

My future wife Seeking

In these Seekibg, it is important that she is able to acknowledge and express Seeming feelings in a healthy way in a caring environment. Imagine her emotions at times to be like a runaway train that keeps switching tracks. She wants to slow them down to a manageable speed, but often they come too fast and too hard. Moment by moment, the emotions roll, and once one feeling is under control, two more seem to gain ground. God can rule over her emotions and bring her peace.

No bitterness finds a place to grow in her Hebrews Her earthly relationships Relationships are important to us guys, but they are especially important to a woman. Your future wife wants to depend upon and pour into a meaningful, mutual support system of friendships. Her emotional health depends a great deal upon the health of her relationships, including the health of her interaction with her parents. Those particular relationships may be great, fair, strained or non-existent, but whatever the case, they will have a powerful influence on her. We are all part of a large dysfunctional family.

But her smaller family has been marked by our common struggle, the only question is how deeply the effects run. Divorce, substance abuse, infidelity, fights…all will leave traces that need to be addressed honestly by her. She may need healing from past hurts caused by relatives, friends or other men and she may not even be aware of the wounds. Pray that God brings healing to her heart. At the same time, she must be careful that Seeking my future wife relationships do not become a replacement for God. Pray that she guards her relationships from this danger by relying upon God more than anyone else. And, as uncomfortable as it is to think about it, maybe she is in a deeper relationship now that is not honoring to God; pray that He intervenes and drives a wedge between her and anyone who would lead her astray.

Pray that… God gives her friends who will help to grow and challenge her as she helps to do the same for them Proverbs She is careful about the people she allows to come into her life Proverbs She has at least one true, deep, lifelong friend Proverbs All her relationships would bring honor to God 1 Corinthians Before we go to the next topic, there is an aspect of relationships that needs to be mentioned: Your future wife may already have children that you will grow to love and support, you may bring your own children into your future marriage or you and your wife might have a child of your own later, thus creating another human who will live with God or without Him forever.

If children are a part of your future, understand that motherhood is one of the hardest tasks facing a woman. This burden is made stronger by the incredible bond between a mother and her child. Just as you will be able to bring certain strengths to the lives of your children, your wife will be able to speak, teach and reach a child in specific ways unique to women. Motherhood requires being a diplomat, a counselor, a confidant, a leader and a planner, just to name a few of the many, many roles. Many people may look at a mother and praise her for bearing her responsibilities with grace and skill, but her most-valued praise will come, not from her friends or her neighbors, but from those who know her best: Pray that… She would show the compassion and comfort of God as she leads the children of your family Isaiah She is an example of faith to the children 2 Timothy 1: Her speech Women tend to be more expressive than men.

But some of the women I spoke to mentioned that they hate when they say things without thinking first. Words have immense power to damage. Paul repeats the sentiment in verse So, seeking a marriage partner is not wrong, though Paul advises that if life is uncertain and rocky, it might be best to wait. What if I'm not meant to be married? Sometimes God calls people not to marry at all 1 Corinthians 7. If you don't have any desire to marry, then don't look! If you do want to marry someday, then do not fear singleness today. If God doesn't have marriage planned for you, He will make it very clear that that is His will.

Remember that whether or not God wants you to marry, the true purpose of your life is live each day for the glory of God.

Your Seekinng wife feels that same homo. But let me be brutally honest with you: Gentlemen, your relentless homo of God, your Christ-centered love for others and your passionate prayers for your future homo are the most important gifts you can give to her now.

We wake up Seeking my future wife morning not for us but for God. The responses were futurre insightful, and you might consider adding a few traits to your own check list of Seeking ideal husband. But he must understand it does not myy that my entire salary Sdeking meant Sekeing be spent only on the household expenses and his family. Be it personal or professional, he should be able to guide me. He should not mind if I let my career come first, which I might do Seekijg not always. I am a modern, working woman, and have worked futhre hard to climb up the corporate ladder.

Reply Kris Wolfe July 22, at 6: At one point, I just lost faith that I would ever be married. Reply Ricky Futre 13, at 6: Just what I needed now. Kris Wolfe August 19, at 5: Reply Shan February 18, at 1: Reply Kris Wolfe March 21, at 7: A good woman has always been a rare find. You can find these sentiments even within biblical texts. Jorge Fuentes June 16, at 3: She will come, I truly hope. And will truly believe Him for her. Kris Wolfe June 19, at 4: Reply Lungelo June 26, at 8: Thanks Reply Anna July 10, at 2: I have one of my high school good male friends who used to be a player, the worst type, your basic well-assumed manwhore pardon my French. Then, when he was aroundhe met the Lord and decided to turn his life around.

For almost 13 years old, he remained celibate and kept praying for God to send him a God-fearing woman. My friend had no qualms asking the old ladies of his church to pray for him so that he would resist sexual temptation. She truly has an heart for the Lord on top of everything. Yep, I witnessed how God rewarded a former player who decided to trust Him with the search for his wife. I very much enjoyed reading it. I believe I was taught this notion by someone some time ago, but I have gotten all caught up just trying to find the woman of my dreams or close to it or by praying for one.

I have been struggling to find the woman of my dreams or close to it.

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