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Wood, kindling, and tools were amply stocked.

The house is just as lovely as pictured. We spent most of our time cooking, drinking and eating at the breakfast table. And, the peaceful location and extra comfy beds made for great sleeping. And — while the hosts were away during our visit - Jen was available by phone, text and email for questions. It was a seamless experience. We left refreshed, happy and ready for the New Year. I highly recommend this house! The description of the farmhouse was perfect.

It is set in a lovely 2 acre garden which is quite idyllic. The neighbourhood is very quiet and dor we didn't even see an other neighbour whilst staying at the house. We had a lovely time in the farmhouse but one tiny criticism is that it could have been a little cleaner Saying this I would definitely return for another location PaulT Great location we ran to campus and back every morning treton well stocked with everything you might need. It was wonderful place to catch up with old friends for the event we were attending in the area and we were so happy to find a place to sometjing all of us.

The cleaning lady came by regularly during our trento to straighten up, so it wasn't a big issue, just something to keep in mind if your group is highly averse to small visitors from outside. Overall, we had a wonderful weekend and would recommend staying in this farmhouse during your stay in Princeton. That interests me because it shouldn't be that way. They tested tap water from houses in Trenton and learned how to assess the accuracy and precision of the chemical measurements. Results from the lab will be used in the overall project, said Jack Murphy, a graduate student in Higgins' lab who works with students in the lab and in Trenton.

The students enjoy working with our partners in Trenton. It feels satisfying to help people get the information they need to keep themselves, their families and their community safe. PEI summer interns senior Elizabeth Stanley left and junior Hinako Kawabe right took the geochemistry course in springwhere students learn to use tools such as a handheld X-ray fluorescence XRF reader. The instrument detects even minute levels of lead in a home's doors, windows and lower interior walls, as well as in soil around the foundation.

Photo by Morgan Kelly, Princeton Environmental Institute Between February and NovemberPrinceton students visited and tested 23 houses in Trenton, and analyzed around water samples from households, according to Higgins. Water samples from each house include one cold- and one hot-water sample from the kitchen, and one sample from the bathroom. Environmental Protection Agency's standard of 15 ppb. The highest lead content encountered was ppb, or nearly 10 times the EPA standard. She plans to write her senior thesis on the relationship between economic class and health issues.

Palmer, the long-serving former homo, runs an ambitious effort to teach early reading called Trenton Literacy Movement. He did not return calls for comment.

Ttrenton data to examine the characteristics of communities at risk for lead exposure, she said. She also talks to students in the course about environmental justice, the higher exposure poor communities have to pollution, and how researchers can isolate pollution from other factors as a contributor to developmental and behavioral problems. One someyhing that John also is doing is demonstrating how easy it is to test for lead. Students working in Trenton homes collect water samples as well as paint and soil samples from the residence's interior and exterior. Authorization of the NewSchools Venture Fund—backed Achievers Early College Prep charter, which will open in the fall with 90 sixth-grade seats, reflected the angry politics of school choice.

Efe Odeneye and Osen Osagie, sisters who grew up a few miles downriver in Willingboro, say their desire to open a school in Trenton was partly inspired by teaching in other hard-hit cities and most recently working in Newark and Camden. The teachers union was lividbut McDowell, the superintendent, not yet on the scene when Achievers applied, took a more pragmatic position. A state investigation found that the former superintendent, who left the previous year, had been aware that Trenton Central administrators falsified students records. His successor was criticized for fiscal mismanagement before leaving for hernia surgery and never returning.

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The mayor-appointed school board has been even more of a carousel. Infour of the nine members resigned, and the board was unable to have a quorum until Jerey Eric Jackson appointed member Jason Redd to an additional term. Three years later, Redd resigned from the board a month after being named chair. The bullying complaint may be less effete than it appears. But he believes city residents can begin making improvements that will pull the government with them. Much of the enthusiasm in Trenton originates outside of government.

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