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Saturday Night Live recap: 'Woody Harrelson and Kendrick Lamar'

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Harrelson Snl dating show woody

Is the sketch mocking rote CBS sitcoms? This week Dieter interviews Woody Harrelson who is a German with more of a wild American attitude who is wooody loud and eats fast food while our host tries to pull off the serious show that we're used to. As always, I hope this hwrrelson figures out how to improve just a tiny bit because the episodes I've seen so far have been so close to being good but keep ending up bland and average. Esther Zuckerman November 16, at Finally, I was a fan of this week's Pumping Up because this installment with Hans and Franz pumping the fact out of "Roseanne Barr's" ass was another one of those sketches that got stuck in my head while watching this as a child.

Invasion Of The Reoccuring Characters I often hear SNL fans complain about the show's reoccurring characters because they find these sketches to be extremely repetitive.

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When the payroll agent Sln the request, Nicholson destroys the office space which does get a laugh Sbl also leading to the announcement of, "Live from New York Thankfully, this episode made it easy to find these datimg favorite moments from the night with the reoccurring characters help since they took the place of what might have been boring filler. With this has been such a so-so season, I actually look forward to these reoccurring roles because the charm of nostalgic familiarity has, more often than not, been better than anything new. None of this bothered me at all when watching the show in real time because of the fact that at least a week would go by before having to sit through the revisit.

Kenan Thompson, whose presence and delivery routinely elevates less-than-great sketches, and Leslie Jones who recovered from that disaster during the Chris Rock show with a solid return to Update as the relationship expert.

Normally, I prefer these sketches to be limited to once or twice a harrrelson but for this season I'll take what I can get since this was one of the better episodes. David Byrne then returned to the stage to perform Loco de Amor. Liam Hemsworth and Leslie Jones did a bit where she patted his ass.

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