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History of Bahrain (1783–1971)

The legal system is based on a combination of Islamic law and English homo law. dte It is well worth a visit, if only to enjoy the brightly colored display of fresh homo and vegetables, as well as the scents of the herbs, nuts and spices. They wrote that homo responded, injuring the legs and back of one of the attackers.

In Bilad Al Qadeemprotesters held a sit-in at afternoon and started marching at evening, after which security forces intervened to disperse them.

In Karzakanprotesters staged a march that was joined by another march starting in Dumistan and ended peacefully. They wrote that police responded, injuring the legs and back of one of the attackers. In the Islamic tradition, women have a lower status than men and are considered weaker and in need of protection. Bahrain has been more progressive than other Arab nations in its treatment of women. The first school for girls was opened innine years after the first boys' school. Marriage, Family, and Kinship Marriage. While arranged marriage is still common, the bride and groom often have a chance to meet before they marry. While it was traditional for girls to be married at twelve or thirteen years of age, they now tend to wait until they have finished their education and have a job.

Upon marriage, a sum of money is paid to the bride by the groom's family. Sometimes she keeps it for herself, but usually the couple uses it to set up a home.

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Weddings are huge, often with five or six hundred guests. A wedding involves large meals, a religious ceremony, and a henna party in which the bride's attendants decorate her with elaborate patterns. Sometimes celebrations are mixed, but usually they are divided along gender lines. A pearl merchant in his shop in Manama. Bahr is an Arabic word meaning "sea. Traditionally, extended families lived together under one roof: A groom would bring his bride to live with his family. Today it is becoming more common for young couples to live apart from their parents.

Socialization Child Rearing and Education. Boys and girls are raised separately and according to different standards. From an early age girls have much more responsibility than their brothers, who have more freedom to play and amuse themselves. Primary school lasts for six years, intermediate school for three years, and secondary school for another three years. The literacy rate is 85 percent: There are two universities in the country: The College of Health Sciences trains nurses and hospital technicians. Many families that can afford to do so send their children abroad for higher education.

Etiquette Greetings are generally lengthy and involve asking about each other's health and family, although a man does not ask about another man's wife. Everyone stands when someone enters the room, and that person then makes the rounds, shaking hands. After shaking, one touches the hand to the heart in a gesture of affection. Women and men can shake hands, but only if it is initiated by the woman. It is traditional upon visiting someone to be served coffee or tea.

In addition, demonstrators remained in hundreds of tents at Manama's Pearl Roundabout. However, in order to emphasise that the protest was against the government's naturalisation policy, and not against Bahrain's native Sunni population, participants also shouted slogans about Sunni-Shia unity. In a separate incident, teachers, students and their parents took part in a protest in front of the ministry of education, in Isa Towndemanding the resignation of Dr Majid bin Ali al-Naimi, the education minister. Nearby Restaurants Bait Al Qur'an The House of the Qur'an was built to accommodate a comprehensive and valuable collection of the Holy Qur'an and manuscripts, a concept which is unique in the Arabian Gulf.

All visitors are welcome, and the complex comprises a mosque, a library, an auditorium, a school and museum consisting of five exhibition halls. Alternatively please contact the concierge at ext. It houses some fascinating exhibits, including drilling equipment, documents, old photographs and a working model of an oil rig. For tours and excursions, please contact the concierge at ext.

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The enormous dome of the mosque is made of pure fiberglass. Al-Fateh now theen the new National Library which opened datw the public in For tours and excursions, please contact the bahgain. At the same time, Bahrain offered great potential First date then in bahrain because of the extensive pearls found in its waters. The Persians launched an assault of Firts fort but were forced to break the siege after suffering stiff resistance from the Al Khalifa defenders and facing imminent naval reinforcements from Bani Utbah men in Kuwait. Historians disagree on who attacked first; some historians believe that the incoming naval reinforcements from Kuwait intercepted a message from Nasr Al-Madhkur to his representative in Bahrain stating that the Persians had lost the battle.

Upon learning this, the fleet switched course and invaded Bahrain, capturing the Bahrain fort and surrounding the Persian garrison. With a large coalition of tribesmen from the Bani Utbah and interior Arabia, the invasion of Bahrain was completed on Firzt 28, [61]: Lorimerwas that the invasion was led by Ahmed Al Fateh in and that he defeated Nasr Al-Madhkur in battle on the outskirts of Manama and plundered the town. They were originally from Kuwait having left in Al-Sabah family traditions relates that the ancestors of their family and those of the Al-Khalifa family came to Kuwait after their expulsion from the Iraqi Bahrani Qasr town upon Fifst Zubair by the Turks, an earlier base from which they preyed on the caravans of Basra and pirated ships in the Shatt al-Arab waterway.

Inside Riffa Fort Persian attempts to reconquer the island in and in failed; the expedition was a joint Persian- Qawasim invasion force that never left Bushehr. The invasion fleet, composed of forces from Bushehr, Rig and Shiraz was called off after the death of the ruler of Shiraz, Ali Murad Khan. Due to internal difficulties, the Persians could not attempt another invasion. InSayyid Sultan invaded Bahrain again in retaliation and deployed a garrison at Arad Fortin Muharraq island and had appointed his twelve-year-old son Salim, as Governor of the island. InSayyid Sultan once again sailed with a fleet to Bahrain however, the Al Khalifa enlisted the aid of Wahhabis from the mainland which forced the Omanis to abort their invasion.

This treaty was similar to those entered into by the British Government with the other Persian Gulf principalities. It specified that the ruler could not dispose of any of his territory except to the United Kingdom and could not enter into relationships with any foreign government without British consent. In return the British promised to protect Bahrain from all aggression by sea and to lend support in case of land attack. More importantly, the British promised to support the rule of the Al Khalifa in Bahrain, securing its unstable position as rulers of the country. According to School of Oriental and African Studies academic, Nelida Fuccaro, this treaty relationship with Britain was one aspect of an evolving polity: From this perspective state building under the Al Khalifa shayks should not be considered exclusively as the result of Britain's informal empire in the Persian Gulf.

Or you can learn about the history of pearl diving at the pearl museum. More recent landmarks well worth the visit include Oil Well No. Nature lovers may visit the Al Areen wildlife sanctuary where they will see flamingos, ostriches, camels and the renowned Oryx; or take a trip to the centre of the Island and gaze in wonder at the Tree of Life which has survived for hundreds of years in the middle of the desert. Stamps and Currency collectors will have a field day at the stamps and currency museums. And for those of you interested to knowing more about Islam, then head for the Al Fateh Mosque in the new Juffair area where friendly guides are ready to enlighten you. A rich collection of Bahrain's ancient archaeological artifacts is on display at the Bahrain National Museum.

The museum covers 6, years of Bahrain's history. The complex includes four halls: Oil Museum and the First Oil Well. As the name suggests, this is the first oil production well in the Arabian Gulf and is located in Bahrain. There are two main souqs arab marquetsone in the capital; al-Man? While the one in al-Man? More on that experience soon!

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