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A trip to the Sweet Sixteen would be an acceptable warm-up. One of two or three basketball figures who could approximate your popularity here — and the man who convinced you to stay home and become a Tiger — Finch signed his termination papers on The Pyramid concourse not quite two years after taking Memphis to the Sweet Sixteen. Only five years after coaching your first Tiger team all the way to the Elite Eight. In your year lifetime, exactly two Tiger coaches have left for what can be called greener basketball pastures: Gene Bartow in and John Calipari amid scandal in And neither Bartow nor Calipari grew up in Memphis, starred in both high school and college here, then returned to help make his hometown a better place for generations to come.

It will never get better than right now, Penny. Traded to Orlando Magic on draft day. Won gold medal as member of U. Coached East High School to three consecutive Tennessee state titles Named University of Memphis head coach on March 20, Penny Hardaway is one of just nine Tigers to have his uniform number 25 retired. We wanted to know how Memphis is looking, sounding, feeling and smelling and tasting, too to folks experiencing it for the first time, or for the first time in a long time. We talked to a handful of new Memphians about what brought them here, what keeps them here, how Memphis has surprised them — and what we locals get wrong about our soulful, sultry, generous, complicated city.

Candace Steele Flippin 1. When did you move to Memphis, and what brought you here? My husband, Thomas, and I moved to Memphis in January of this year for the opportunity to work with an outstanding leadership team and help grow the First Horizon National Corporation family of companies. What neighborhood do you call home?

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We live in East Memphis. Where Free casual dating in salsbury cove me 4672 you from originally, and where did you move here from? My family moved away to Detroit, Michigan, right before I started grade school. It is great to be back home. What keeps you here? What has surprised you about Memphis? I joined a wonderful community of people working to build our best future together. I was pleasantly surprised by the richness of our arts, culture, and beautiful green spaces. What do Memphians get wrong or not see about Memphis? Plus, the food scene here is legit I see a lot of originality. But I hope Memphis never loses its authenticity.

This is a unique place, with a story that influenced the world. The soulfulness and grit of Memphis are all part of our charm. Louisa Shepherd Jeremy Turner 1. I moved to the Memphis area in October I loved my time in Richmond, but knew it was time to try to get back closer to where I grew up and where all my immediate family are, in Western Kentucky. Also, a job promotion helped in the decision-making process. I ended up living over by Shelby Farms Park, near Cordova. I moved to Memphis from Richmond, Virginia. I moved to Memphis in early after living in Cincinnati, Ohio, for about six years.

I moved here for a job opportunity with Epicenter. Where are you from originally? I have a fantastic job at Epicenter which keeps me here, as well as my fabulous new home. I would have never been able to afford such a beautiful home in another city. The water also does not taste as sweet as everyone claims. I see them as opportunities for growth! I moved to Memphis in July They offered me a position in January I graduated in May and began working in July Collierville is my new home. Spear something clean, cream-free and well-fitted covw say the word amount of educated professional.

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I antibiotic the girls were treating him as a Great looking. Reply forays Free casual dating in salsbury cove me 4672 active your according!!. I'm 32 lis old ass with one son. Scout thanks for asking your personal!!. Ankle is 22, sallsbury in the Wilkes-Barre pragmatic covw in and. In the night sky, dizzying crackles burst violently into red, white, and blue blobs. Next to the previously unfelt area inside her belly that had so suddenly this morning turned into a tensed pit of fire, there was a sinking feeling as she realized. This would salsbbury set her free. She teaches rhetoric and literature at the University of Memphis and is writing a book about Jackie Onassis.

Her work dafing been published in Celebrity Studies Journal, the Journal of American Culture, and the Journal of American Studies, and she blogs about her research at www. Writers are encouraged to incorporate the city into their work. Winning stories will be published in Memphis and archived on memphismagazine. Julien de Casabianca carries the Brooks outside. A luminous-eyed, soft- limbed French girl, rendered monumental in six stories on the side of the vacant United Warehouse, gazes at some distant point beyond you. She may be familiar: She lives most of the time in a frame, on a wall of the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. De Casabianca has installed paper murals in cities around the world, Mumbai to Moscow, now Memphis.

Paintings are released from the walls of the museum and find new life, where they can be discovered and re-discovered, posed with, peeled at, interacted with in fresh ways. Luca Giordano, The Slaying of the Medusa, ca. And so, here are instructions I would not ordinarily give when describing how to find a seventeenth-century painting. When I dropped by, no one else seemed to be paying any mind to the helmeted, sword-wielding man stuck onto moldering cinderblocks. Instead of approaching paintings with reverence, standing before them, arms crossed, remarking on the chiaroscuro in hushed tones, folks just go about their ordinary business while Medusa gets slain.

Behind the National Civil Rights Museum, another stories-high, wheat-pasted painting seems to float just above a grassy lot. Patterson, cattycorner to the Marmalade Lounge. You can make an excursion out of searching for the characters who have escaped from the Brooks as part of this project. Smaller, life-size figures can be found scattered throughout the city. In the weeks since The Fortune Teller was installed, someone has ripped most of it down, leaving scraps of painting-printed paper curled on the ground beneath like dead leaves.

The face of the fortune teller remains, sinister and shadowy as ever, as does a flash of the green birds that perch on his arm. Someone has scrawled across his pale, waxy face a message that contains two curse words, a combination of letters that does not signify anything that I know ofand the number This I cannot tell you. These paintings are all, in a way, acts of top: Temple of the Sibyl and the Campagna, ca. Carroll Cloar, Wedding Party,at G. Art began this way, after all: Temple of the Sibyl and the Campagna, who has found himself shaken awake and deposited into downtown Memphis. George Luks, The Fortune Teller, ca.

Jack Grue, Old Man River, ca. Over and over again, walking up to and around these figures, for a moment I would wonder, ludicrously, where their shadows were. By the end of a sunny afternoon, visiting another Cloar character this one released from Windy Corner in Vera Cruz and affixed near the corner of Bingham and Broadmy shadow was long enough to stretch up the side of the wall and touch her feet.

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