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I'm not convinced it adds much to the service, personally. Still, it's not the subject of this review, so it doesn't affect Crunchyroll's rating. Collectors of anime-related stuff will no doubt find plenty of ways to spend their matrue here, however. Filtef you're not ready to commit, you can try out the Premium experience for 14 days for free. Additionally, every 30 days, Premium subscribers get two hour Guest Passes they can share with friends, to give them a taste of the Crunchyroll experience. Alternatively, you can stream a very limited selection of shows and comics, with ads, for free.

Note that shows are limited to p for non-subscribers, and no simulcast shows are available for free. These include free shipping from the store, exclusive contests, beta-feature access, and convention perks like goodie bags and front-of-the-line access for some events. Note that Crunchyroll has recently begun a content-sharing arrangement with Funimation. The upshot is that Crunchyroll will focus on subtitled videos and Funimation will concentrate on English-language dubs—splitting the so-called "subs and dubs" familiar to anime fans. The process will take some time there's still quite a lot of subtitled material at Funimationbut the arrival of older titles like Cowboy Bebop at Crunchyroll show that the transition has already begun.

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I personally find subtitles to be a superior experience, so I favor Crunchyroll's approach. But I'm sure there are many people who would rather hear English, and for them Funimation will be an easy choice. A Crunchy Experience I had no trouble mmature video, and the experience of streaming with Crunchyroll was smooth and crisp in my testing. The video player used throughout the site is very simple, offering a few options like volume control, full screen, scrubbing, autoplay, and quality selection. There are no controls for language or audio playback; all shows play in their original language, as mentioned earlier. To change the subtitle language, you have to click some of the small text links beneath the video, although you can set a default language in the settings.

As in Hulueach episode includes a comments section. I recommend kature, for your mental health, you never read Internet comments in any situation, however. Crunchyrolll also boasts a vibrant forum community, and lets your streaming account double as a social account. You can click a dice logo and start watching a random anime series. Why would you do this? I have no idea. Most other streaming services try to connect you with shows you actually like, instead of taking this Russian roulette approach. If you cilter use this feature, be sure that maturre turned on the mature content filter in the settings, otherwise you might want to clear the room first.

I'm not against this feature, exactly; the problem is that it's the only thing close to a recommendation Crunchyroll offers. The competion all does better in this regard. Along with video, Crunchyroll has manga for online reading. But with only 50 titles, it's more of a sweetener, and not Crunchyroll's main thrust. Crunchyroll's success rests mostly on its massive library, which has an undeniable appeal. I'm disappointed, however, that the service hasn't taken a closer look at the actual design of its website. For a streaming service, there's an awful lot of text to read and a lot of clicking to get through in order to actually watch shows.

It looks and feels a bit more like a fan-created effort than the super-slick interface of Editors' Choice general-purpose video streaming service Netflix. My main complaint with Crunchyroll is the search feature, which made me rage-quit my browser more than once. When you search for a show, you will always get a result. Frustratingly, however, that doesn't mean that the show is actually available. If Crunchyroll doesn't have, say, Neon Genesis Evangelion which it does notit does show a search result for it. But when you click on the link, you are shunted into what amounts to a wiki article for the show.

It's extremely confusing for new users. My first day with the service, I thought these were landing pages for series that service actually offerend. Crunchyroll needs to make a serious investment in its design so that users always know where they are, and what they're looking at, and where they should go next. Right now, it's a bit of a mess. Daisukifor all of its weaknesses, has excellent site design.

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