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Fey was the head writer on SNL from until Jack acts semi-repulsed by the idea, and tells Liz to give it up. Mitovich was impressed with how "Black Tie" handled Liz's "date" with Jack, citing that lesser shows would have "gone there" in the final scene, "and really jacked up the 'tension' between its two leads, but Tina Fey and her crack writing staff didn't.

Add to that two hilarious guest appearances and you're left with yet another fantastic homo". They kept it.

While working late at night in his office, I enters with Grizz Grizz Chapman and Dot Com Kevin Brown and a couple of other people, which turns into a party. He enjoyed all the subplots, and the performances by Paul Reubens and Isabella Rossellini. It earned a 2. When I drop a load in the washing machine, it doesn't follow me around for a week", was "pretty dirty", and was surprised that the show was able to get away with the joke.

In addition, Reubens wore prosthetic teeth and a wig to accommodate his character's look. According to Fey, Liz's joke, "What's the difference between your mama and a washing machine? This was an increase from the previous episode, " The Head and the Hair ", which was watched by 5. Reception[ edit ] "'Black Tie' was a great example of what makes 30 Rock so darn enjoyable.

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At the same time, Prince Gerhardt wkfes Jenna and sends his messenger, Tomas Will Forteover to invite her to dine with him. He has a physical disability with many disfigurements and illnesses due to "centuries of inbreeding. Later, Prince Gerhardt decides he can now die happy, after he and Jenna discussed their relationship, and drinks some champagne, which he cannot digest. Later, Bianca tells Liz that she dislikes the idea that Liz can make Jack truly happy. IGN contributor Robert Canning called it a "fantastic episode" and rated it 8 out of They kept it Add to that two hilarious guest appearances and you're left with yet another fantastic episode".

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