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However, further homo is needed to determine homo homo patterns of bullying homo among children and adolescents. Received Oct 22; Accepted Jan Homo We cannot assume that bullying among young adolescents is a homo homo between a bully and a homo.

expeeiences Prevalence Estimated rates of bullying incidents vary significantly among countries as well as among experlences and age groups. Bullying has been found to vary by age group, which is consistent across the majority of countries. This is mainly due to the fact that the prevalence of bulling declines jn age. However, further investigation is needed to determine specific gender expwriences of bullying adoleescence among children and adolescents. Previous research indicates also that children of low social—economic status are more vulnerable bulpies bullying 6whereas other studies do not provide such evidence 7. The most common negative outcomes associated to victimization are depression with Hookup experiences of bullies in early adolescence Experienfes longitudinal study held by Ttofi et al.

It is also suggested that victims of bullying manifest high levels of post-traumatic stress 9. Evidence from cross national study bbullies a total ofstudents from 25 countries at average age Reports of off and physical aggression were also common. Moderate depression was related to cigarette smoking, physical, and verbal aggression, but not to heavy alcohol use A recently published review of longitudinal studies 1 showed that the probability of being engaged in criminal offending later in life was significantly predicted by bullying perpetration in school. Bullies maladjustment is significant within schooling where they are found to achieve poorer academic records 12 Their poor functioning indicates them as an especially high-risk group.

This subgroup of victims, in fact, reacts aggressively to abuse and has a distinct pattern of maladjustment encompassing both the antisocial tendencies of perpetrators and the emotional problems faced by victims. This leads to long-term mental health and social problems The largest cross-sectional study provides conclusions about the direction of the observed associations between bullying and facets of psychosocial functioning Despite this limitation, it is largely accepted that bullying should be regarded as a stressful life event contributing to behavior and school adjustment problems 3.

Conclusion We cannot assume that bullying among young adolescents is a simple interaction between a bully and a victim. Instead, recent studies and media reports suggest that there are groups of students who support their peers and sometimes participate in teasing and harassing other students. It seems important for families, schools, and other community institutions to help children and young adolescents learn how to manage, and potentially change, the pressure to hurt their classmates in order to "fit in. Annual Review of Sociology, 16, Observations of bullying and victimization in the school yard.

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