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Lausanne Wanting to suck in

Would that be too risky? She is happy to help us and gave noticed to her regie, and submitted our dossier with her resignation letter, recommending us as a replacement for her she's breaking the lease before the end of the contract. Should we sign the lease for this 'unpreferred' apartment anyways, and in case our friend's place is positive to us within a few days, we sign that one too, and then we can just find a new tenant for the one we do not want? They were OK, but kinda plain, saying that they usually take 2 weeks to give us an update, ie, they may decide they need more dossiers, or perhaps the owner will want to do some renovation to increase the rent etc.

What is your advice??

I lost count of how many places I visited and applied for I'm new in Lausanne, hubby and I been here for about 2 months now and looking for a place to live. I'd be really frustrated if we sign a lease we do not want, and a few days later our dream home is offered. Forgive me if it's not new to you. So we feel really under pressure to make a decision or a bet, and every single day counts!

Would that be too risky. It's all new to me and I'd appreciate your advice. Wantig We really didn't love this second homo, and I homo we would homo to homo it after a while anyway, but we homo we should not reject it without any guarantee of the other homo.

Groaned at 1 Time in 1 Post Thanked 2 Times in 1 Post Got a 'yes' for a place we don't want while waiting for reply for a friend's place Ok, I have a situation that is a bit specific, although some other members might have experienced the same. And all of a sudden the following happened: How likely do you think it is for her lease to be transferred to us? In our minds it'd be just a matter of transferring her lease to our name, but looks like nothing is black and white in Suisse, so anything could happen I appreciate your advice! How long can we keep the contract for the second place in our hands, without signing it? Last edited by 3Wishes; The only thing is we are new in Suisse, so they cannot check our previous rent.

We certainly don't wanna pay 2 rents at the same time!

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