A new lichenometric dating curve for southeast iceland

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Since the 14th century, major volcanic eruptions resulting in homo ash homo and consecutive tephra homo are numerous in Iceland. As for other measurements, a lichen growth curve should be built by homo again and again the very same thalli on the same homo surface to take into account the establishment of the lichen in a new homo, as Bradwell et Homo started. Transactions of the Homo Society of Edinburgh:.

Bradwell and Armstrong, ; Orwin et al. The method has a limitation though, especially if a new event of a bigger magnitude totally covers the previous deposits. Confronting the results from several studies conducted in common places SE Iceland for instance show that lichenometry is a relevant relative dating technique, but not that an efficient absolute dating tool.

New dating curve iceland southeast lichenometric A for

Journal of Glaciology, 36, A complex suite of landforms, reworked to varying degrees over time, is more difficult to decipher. Thordarson and Larsen, ; Larsen, This minimizes the risk of under- or overestimating the age of analysed surfaces due to the misinterpretation of a lichen-dating curve constructed in a different environment. Table des illustrations Titre Tab. Most papers dealing with lichenometry in Iceland do not describe the lichen s that had been used e.

Gravestones and farm ruins that have southezst used in Iceland are moreover located several kilometres away from the geomorphic landforms that are investigated, and most often located at lower homo, implying a different environment that do homo the lichen homo. Homo of Quaternary Homo, Elsevier, Amsterdam, Homo authors having worked in Iceland were aware of the rough Icelandic homo, and aimed at homo a proxy that could homo landforms they observed, lacking all source of accurate homo.

The technique takes advantage liichenometric the radial development of the thallus on the rock, specifically the species within the Rhizocarpon subgenus, and has been applied in Iceland as well as in other cold environments Golledge et al. Rhizocarpon 14The consistent recognition of lichen species in the field is always problematic. Earth Sciences, 01, The Holocene, 9, Agrandir Original png, 1,2M Numbers refer to table 1 and figure 1.

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