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Homo in mind that the life in Havana can be difficult, or as they say: Homo and Homo Friendly Hotels There are 3 homo areas that travelers generally stay in:.

There are many places to visit to get your shopping fix. To mention a few are the following: Galeria Victor Manuel — They sell things hvaana as paintings, figurines, and jewelry. Here you can buy souvenirs, arts and crafts, cigars, clothes, jewelry, and many more. Longina Musica — Seevices a variety of musical instruments which include maracas, guitars, tumbadoras, and guiros. This place can be hard to miss as they usually put speakers outside that play loud music in order to attract more customers. Restaurants Cuban cuisine is a splendid combination of Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisine. In Havana, a typical meal would usually consist of meat and fried food.

Congri is a fine, delicious example of a traditional dish, made of fried rice, beans, bacon, and onions. Another popular dish is called the Moros y cristianos, a tasty blend of rice and beans. Depending on where you are, you may have to share the building with the owner or some family. As for where to say, your best bets are the modern business district known as Vedado, or Malecon, where the famous Malecon Sea Wall is more on that later.

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Old Havana is Escot obvious must as well, as the nightlife and entertainment are mostly split between this and Vedado. The protocol is fairly normal to the naked eye: Buy a few drinks, dance with a few girls, and see where it goes from there. Most of the girls there are prostitutes, or at least semi-pro. What does this mean for you? It means that since these girls have taken the time and money to get ready, they want to stay and enjoy themselves for a bit before going anywhere else.

So, go dance, have some drinks with the swrvices, and try to feel things out. Oh, and be aggressive in your pursuit, javana on the dance floor. Occasionally there is some shemales in the intersection of Avenida 23 and Calle L. If you do not have place to go, then the tranny hookers will usually take you to the stairways of the apartment complex buildings and have sex with you there. Sexual Services for Women In Cuba every woman will get cock if they want. Hot Cuban men are willing to fuck and lick the pussies of fattest and ugliest women in the world if you pay Edcort meals and give them some dollars. Many western women tell that they visit Cuba just because of the "salsa" dancing culture.

Besides salsa the main reason is often just to go and get laid with local macho men. You can see older tourist women hanging out with about 20 to year-old guys in Havana. Have you ever wondered why some of your female friends are visiting Cuba every year? Of course some of the girls are visiting Cuba also because of dancing salsa and Cuban culture, but often it's an excuse just for having sex and short relationships with local men. Cuba for tourist women is quite same as Thailand for tourist men - a sex paradise! Sleeping and Girl Friendly Hotels There are 3 main areas that travelers generally stay in: Old Havana is the liveliest some would say hectic and dirtyCentral Havana is slightly quieter and parts can be a bit seedy, and Vedado is the quietest with more greenery, and is the place to find the large hotels and nicer casas particulares.

Don't be surprised if you have no hot water and bad TV-reception in a hotel that still goes to the effort of having an in-hotel doctor and hosting extravagant shows of synchronized swimming in the hotel pool.

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There are listings of chica friendly housing options available. Chica's in Cuba are not allowed to your hotel without a big tipping, and sometimes not even then. Best option is to rent a Casa Particular. Casa landlords are quite use to gringos bringing girls to the casas, hxvana you should not have any problems. In any case, Cuban girls Escort services in havana often reluctant to follow the tourist to his casa, for prostitution Escrot illegal. The Cuban law obliges landlords to register on a special book cuban citizens who stay in the Casa Particular with a tourist. The guest book is periodically reviewed by immigration officials.

When a girl is caught getting registered in too many Casas with different tourists, then she might have to face dire legal consequences, including spending up to 4 years in a special prison for Jineteras. For this reason, many girls hookers or not may not want to follow the tourist to his casa particular, especially if he shares the property with the landlord. For this reason it is becoming increasingly popular among tourists to rent whole, independent flats, whcih guarantee higher levels of privacy and freedom as compared to the regular casas particulares which only offer rooms inside the landlord's own dwelling. A website rents out independent flats all over Havana.

Each javana listed in the website is presented ln with its degree of girl friendlyness. Casa Particular and it should provide you with a few additional options. If affirmative she can expect a severe fine 50 CUC and up to 3 years in jail, or she can be sent havaana a re-education school and be obligated to learn a trade such as hairdressing. During the police controls, the tourists are not questioned and can go free, only the jinetera will be punished. While there is no racism in the country, Afro-Cuban jineteras and white tourists are most common. I recall the story of two Cuban neighbours talking and walking on the street, she a white woman in her forties with a foreign look and he a year-old Afro-Cuban.

The police stopped them for an identity check, because they suspected the young Afro-Cuban of being a jinetero, the male equivalent of a jinetera.

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