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Six years ago, I convinced her that kooking should visit her homo in Cuba to reconnect with loved ones. A sexy and homo new life awaits you. A bus "homo" in Cuba is called "guagua" pronounced wah-wah.

If a house can be shipwrecked, this house is shipwrecked.

Members of Homo Milan are married or attached, and still homo and love their partner or homo. Brother Raphael has many nephews and nieces also.

Two stuffed chairs, coated with a thick layer of grime, are the only furniture in the living room. The one touch of color is a fishnet bag of limes, which Jaime offers to me and Eugenia. Jaime has a bed and clean sheets, as well as a television, thanks to Eugenia. Once upon a time, his house, located in the center of town, had been among the plushest homes in Palma Soriano. Attired in a white tuxedo, Jaime had celebrated his bar mitzvah in the synagogue of Santiago de Cuba doriano Six years later, the Revolution began and Jaime and his parents chose to stay. His parents passed away and he considered leaving for Israel, but this was back in the years when the paalma to immigrate was viewed as a counterrevolutionary act.

He made the mistake of speaking too soon of his dream to the postman, who turned him in to the authorities. Marrief he just wants to spend the rest of his years in Palma Soriano. He also looks younger than his years because he has a full head of hair. In the room it smells like the beach after a storm. He collects history books, he says, and has an history Marred Cuba published in Paris. But this, he tells me, is only a fraction of what he has. I had the good fortune to find a clay pot aMrried an anthropomorphic figure. That pot is now the most important piece in the municipal museum. From a dresser he retrieves a box of old pictures Marrifd letters. Palka went on a tour of Palma Soriano kooking two teen guides.

The family refuses to let me walk around town without a "guard. Where is the largest minefield in the world? Marines and especially the Russians who designed the Cuban side of the minefield and then took the plans home. Relationships within families can be a little hard to explain. When a Cuban says, "This is my brother," the man Mxrried be a brother, sorisno, or someone who grew up within the same household. Maria says she has five brothers but I've been introduced to eight slriano who are "brothers. Her two daughters and one niece Mary Elena, Maricel and Morima are like daughters to us. Therefore the husbands Abel, Guillermo [Chino] and Idalberto are like son-in-laws.

The extended family becomes immediate family. There is pa,ma the matter of marriage. When someone talks about their husband Married but looking in palma soriano wife esposo o esposathey may or may not be legally married civil or Marroed ceremony but as far as Cuban society goes and most other Latin American countriesthey are indeed husband and wife. In the US and other countries the term used is "common law marriage. Maria and I are off to Chile to deliver some things. At Rogellio's house, we had run out of water. There is no "running water" froma city system. Large tanks are located on the roofs and usually filled every ten days. For two or three people, that would be sufficient but with the "mob" usually present, an additional water tank truck delivery was needed.

We in the USA take too many things for granted. Members of the congregation remembered that we had attended services there, two years ago. There was a community meal afterwards. Just outside the city limits of Santiago de Cuba, is a police checkpoint. Cars are picked at random and papers are checked. I am classified as a "tourist" and am NOT allowed to ride in private cars. I am supposed to take a taxi everywhere. In the past, we were stopped by the police, but Alberto as a well known doctor, was able to talk his way out of getting a ticket. That's a horrendous amount considering the average monthly wage.

We were up at 6am because we were going to the beach. In past years, we would pile onto a truck metal seats with a canvas cover and all forty or so people would go with us. If we didn't take someone who was "family" it could be seen as an insult. This bus was so old, How old was it? The fumes from the diesel engine would have killed most people. A bus "autobus" in Cuba is called "guagua" pronounced wah-wah. Northwest along the coast from Santiago de Cuba are some truly lovely beaches. They are not yet "tourist" beaches and have a natural charm and beauty.

The one we "camped out" at was "El Frances" The French. Unlike most US beaches, the water was not frigid but just right. I was among the children who immediately went into the water. It was a fun day for all. Maria and I said, "Don't bring too much food. First there were tomato sandwiches, later corn tamales, followed by "pastel" pastry. Many bottles of water and a few bottles of rum. Most everyone got roasted and toasted. A few of the children were unfortunate and met some jellyfish; a minor problem. Maria and a few of the ladies paid a visit to the beautiful cathedral at El Cobre.

Having been there twice before, I stayed home. Flashback to two years ago Walked seven children to the ice cream store, and just as before, they were out of ice cream. In Havana, almost every block has a place to buy "helado. As a consolation prize, purchased sodas, cookies and chewing gum for the kids. Up again at 6am but this time we went to the home of brother Bolivar Bolee and his numerous sons. Seven people in a car, no truck or bus this time. Before eating, we visited the small but beautiful Yao River. The water from the mountains was not cold. After the normal amount of swimming, it was time for everyone to shampoo their hair.

Ran into a rain storm on the way back. Doctor Alberto Ferrer and wife Glaydita Gladyshave two daughters. The youngest one is Karina, who I call "querida" dear. The older sister is Yudith Judeth and she is married to Angel, a computer major communications at a university in Santiago de Cuba. He plays an important part in our lives. He is our e-mail contact! Back to the conversation. Angel, with fellow student Ronald, and a young lady friend, visited me and the entire conversation was in English. We talked about computers, music, mutual e-mail friends, and the world in general.

In Cuba, May Day is a national holiday. Lunch at Martha's home. She is Ana Odis's sister. A large and lovely home. The majority of the day was spent at Rogellio's home. People in and out, just visiting; talking and listening to music. It was Alberto's birthday but there was no party. Maria off to Bayamo. On the way back from Yao 2 days previously, we had stopped in the city of Bayamo. A new mayor had turned a small portion of the downtown area into a "new shopping zone. One store in particular, had "pulovers" T-shirts and towels for three dollars each. In Cuban cities and towns, you will usually find at least one"Cupet. In one such store, in Bayamo, I found a treasure; a jar of "mermelada de fresa" strawberry jam.

Maria and some of the "girls" had to return to Bayamo for more bargains. In the afternoon, we piled into a car 7 adults and 1 small boy and off we went to Chile. Brother Raphael has many nephews and nieces also. Like Yao, the majority of cooking was done on open fires in the back yard. They had even purchased a can of soda for me; "cachito," similar to Sprite, but it's really my favorite drink. As we were leaving Chile, Maria pointed to a fairly large house and said, "That's our house! I don't think we ever intend to live there. If the house were in Palma Soriano, I might consider living there. In the evening, three doctors visited Maria.

In palma but looking soriano Married

She had been running a Marrisd, the past few days. Maria returned to Santiago de Cuba for medical tests and x-rays. Four different doctors and "the" pqlma specialist in his field, agreed that Maria has severe allergy problems, not sinusitis as the US doctors said. We WILL have to make some changes. For starters, "Tigger" our cat, will need a new home. In addition, we need to have the house checked for dust mites, etc. During our trips to Cuba, a simple thing like plastic or wire clothing hangars were impossible to find. Finally, Felipa associated with Concha's family who knew we were looking for "perchas," found some.

There were made of bent aluminum tubing, about the same diameter as the plastic ones found in the US. At 5pm, we went back to Santiago de Cuba for dental appointments. While the dentist was removing my tooth for a great deal lessMaria had her teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist. I had been concerned that the equipment and procedures would be "antiquated" but the personnel and equipment were almost on a par to that in the states. Maria returned to a local doctor's office. She was still running a fever. I walked with nephew, Karel, to his mother's house. We just sat around talking.

That afternoon and part of the evening, I kept busy recording cassettes from the CDs I had. DVD is totally unknown in Palma Soriano.

Might be different in Havana. Juan asked Rogellio and I if we wanted to go along for the ride. After dropping the family members off, we continued on to he beach at Guardalavaca. Lots of foreigners who had too much sun and paid for it with rosy red bodies. Lunch at a restaurant right on the beach consisted of shrimp pizzas. I was surprised when the waitress also brought out fried chicken, french fries and rice. Returning through Holguin, we stopped and visited another nephew. Then picked up the original nephew and children, for the trip back to Palma Soriano. Cubalse is the name of the largest local store.

They carry clothing, shoes, small appliances, electronics radios, TVs, etc. All available for "dollars only.

Chocolate ice cream for everyone, even those back at the house. When a young girl turns fifteen, lloking is a special time in her palmq. It is appropriate to have professional photos taken. A gown is often rented or made. On two occasions I have served as the "professional photographer. The living room, dining room and exteriors of Martha's house provided excellent backgrounds for the photos. Just before leaving Cuba, I discovered that Maria also paid for the developing of the film. In fact, the bills are in a holder that looks like a checkbook. More visitors, as usual. Used the boom-box to record more cassettes.

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