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He said that Dewar had told him of having been given a "gift" when he had accompanied either Shipton or Rickards to a woman's home where they had group sex. During that time, Rickards' star rose. Taffy Herbert learned years later what had happened to his youngest. When the Herald approached Dewar the next day, February 2,seeking an explanation, he hung up although he'd earlier agreed to talk. The forest is its reason for being, providing both work and game - on still evenings, even from town, you can hear the rutting of deer and pigs. She trusted him when he told her he'd go after Constable A because she was underage when he raped her, trusted him even though he didn't act on her repeated requests to take her statement regarding the alleged baton rape at Rutland St in Dewar told a Sunday paper that Nicholas was "a police slut".

She had told the court they raped her and violated her with a baton. But they didn't get to hear the baton and handcuffs claim from the woman in the Mt Maunganui case. Soon afterwards, a Rotorua woman came forward and said she'd had group sex with Shipton and Dewar.

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Kitchin explained why he believed she'd been duped. Shipton and Schollum's names were suppressed because they were to go on trial with Rickards for allegedly raping Nicholas. He lives alone in a small pensioner unit with his dicky knees, his television tuned to Trackside and his photographs: Convicted of abduction and pack rape of a third woman and serving eight years in jail.

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