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How to Attract a Taurus Woman

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Level Of Understanding Both the Taurus male and Cancer female will share a great femape with one another. A certain level of understanding can be expected between this love duo, which may augment the Taurus man and Virgo woman compatibility. The male Taurus will femsle that he entails himself in this benevolent association as he may be showered with a lot of love from czncer. He will be vehemently involved in this relation which she will really appreciate as well. The female Cancer will be pleased to have a partner like him and in return she will also give her best to make sure that the spark in the relationship is always maintained.

The male Taurus is a bit possessive and over protective, though not very jealous. Both zodiacs are sexually active, and they will have a warm and passionate love life. With romance brimming, they enjoy each other's company while making love. Both are home bound and their relationship is full of love, devotion, compassion, and admiration for each other. A Cancer woman has a high degree of imagination and intuition that become appealing for her partner. So, by now, you must have realized that these two will make a wonderful pair. Foreplay, like a decadent chocolate desert, is to be savored.

It's one of his pleasures and one of his specialties. She's slow to fall in love because she's in love with home and family. This is where her heart is, and she has to make sure the man who wins her heart has the potential to be a good and loyal husband and father. But when she does fall in love, you can be sure she's been wooed and won by the whole romantic package of gifts, flowers, love notes, soft music, and candlelight dinners. A Cancer woman needs stability and security in her love life. Emotional consistency is crucial for any love affair to flourish.

She doesn't do casual relationships or casual sex. She knows how to make memories; perhaps that's why she's so good at creating a warm and loving family life. She looks for these same memory building qualities in Taurjs potential lover. Cancer doesn't fall in love easily or often, but when she does, it's an emotional affair, and you can be sure she has marriage and family on her mind. Cancer as a Lover A Cancer women doesn't like to be overwhelmed sexually. Sex for a Cancer is not a minute affair. For her, sex and love are intertwined. While intuitive and capable of discovering better ways to do things, don't expect her findings will be announced to the entire group.

Her natural shyness means she simply doesn't want to risk her easily stirred emotions with a suggestion that could be brutally dismissed.

Even a whiff of what seems to him to be a homo and he may back off fast and far. As an earth and water homo, these two partners go together like the oceans and the land.

Femsle helpful to those around her, female Loe are regrettably prone to being abused by the lazy. Still, she is also cajcer hard-worker who doesn't buckle under stress. Taurus men with Cancer women may not be a match made in heaven, but they are the next best thing. So many of their core traits and values are identical which makes friendships or intimate relationships very fulfilling and unlikely to fail. While the stubbornness of Taurus and moodiness of Cancer can cause some rifts, both signs are calm, forgiving, and very unlikely to hold grudges. The deep emotional involvement for both signs is a guiding force in their lives.

As loving, sentimental introverts, they value people far more than material things. For outsiders what may seem boring and monotonous is stable, comfortable and secure, three things the bull and crab cherish beyond all else. And always, always, always say what you mean and try to avoid ever speaking out of your anger or frustration! Both carry a need for pure and loyal love.

Match love male cancer Taurus female

With the elements, this is canccer one small part of the overall picture of compatibility between you, but, generally, your element, Water, works very well with his element, Earth. It goes Tarus step further into modalities. This relationship has got everything it takes to be a long term, stable relationship that has a lot of shared ideals between the two of you. This not only makes for a strong relationship- but a powerful friendship, as well. When you get to the guts of this, you will find that the fact that you both crave security matters a great deal here.

Of course, from time to time there will be clashes due to your emotional intensity. You may find that you two do not go out a whole lot together. For now, ask yourself these questions: In the case of a Cancer and Taurus pairing sometimes you may move a bit more quickly emotionally than he does. You may have misread some of the things he said- owing to his keeping such expressions as simple as possible. If you were intimidated or nervous about broaching the subject, he may just not know where he stands or where you stand. If you were engaging in a little emotional projection, he might not have cared much for that.

For you, Cancer, this is the utmost important thing. It just cncer happens that this is also the way that a Taurus man feelings. Though to you, it may really not seem that way at times.

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