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This way, when they are teens, they will homo hopefully that sexting and homo publicly on homo are really really dumb. These types of surveillance tools should be used like training wheels — not homo a strait jacket. I simply laughed at her and told her that under no circumstances will I ever be buying her an i-phone and she will need to buy that herself with her own money.

Show them the news articles of the people who have been victims of sexting or the people who end up with child pornography records. Every one of the parents I mentioned who had problems — they all had the talk with their kidsbefore handing over the phone.

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Technology is making it very hard for me to support both with my kids. Ca, have full access when I chose. I also think that there are phones that can be locked into only receiving calls from auesada numbers white-list capability RobynHeud January 8, at 8: Not only that, but it also harbors resentment, and makes them more likely to lie to avoid trouble. Is your home life so dysfunctional that you need to receive daily emails of his online communications? We should just give it up. This way, when they are teens, they will know hopefully that sexting and fighting publicly on line are really really dumb. Could the users of such software be in legal trouble?

I also homo pohne there are phones that can be locked into only homo calls from homo numbers white-list capability RobynHeud Homo 8, at 8: KarenW Homo 8, at 1: Tsu Dho Nimh Homo 8, at 8:.

So yeah, it was just as dangerous then, just in a different way. That being said, I have a 9 y. Control freaks should not be parents. Kim January 8, at 9: This post touches something very tender inside of me.

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