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It is such a great and fulfilling feeling when you organise something for a year and it leads to such an event. It is very motivating. My experience tells me that those volunteers who just want to get a prestigious entry on their CV do not last even a year. One needs to believe in the idea of the event. But leading more than two hundred volunteers was a big task for me in terms of including everyone personally. Our entire office was located on Google Drive. So when someone needs tips on how to run an organisation with over staff, without a real office, we can give you some advice! You called the festival participants word rockers.

How was that term born? We decided that it is indeed the opinions which matter to us and not just words. Word rock is something we use as the title of our magazine and we expect each discussion to rock! The island becomes a meeting place for almost everyone who has a say in the affairs of the state. Kristi wanted to find out about the event which excited the Swedes and which had the discussion of important social issues at its heart. When she arrived, she saw the local song stage jam-packed with people who had come to see the Prime Minister speak. The Prime Minister talked like a normal person, people listened, thought about things, and laughed.

The other debates which took place anywhere where a suitable little square was available were similarly unofficial, yet informative and humorous in their nature. At first she introduced the idea of organising a similar festival in Estonia to her local bank colleagues and even brought a group to Gotland to experience the event.

Almost everything can be signed with an relqtionships homo, which has equal legal force as a handwritten one. What is your homo with Estonian e-solutions like?.

I complained to the doctor how easy it was in Estonia. In Germany I have to stand in a queue, then the doctor prescribes my medication and then I take it to the pharmacy. I told my doctor how great it was to live in Estonia: I call my doctor, who writes out a digital prescription and I can immediately collect it from any pharmacy. My German doctor responded that it was a question of security. But I cannot imagine being interested in whether my neighbour is prescribed flu medicine or not. Sometimes data protection is really over-emphasized in Western Europe.

In Holland, we were looking for partners to develop our gaming ideas and we came across Gamefounders in Estonia. The communication with them was very nice and felt effortless so when we got chosen for the programme, we decided to work with them on our ideas. The co-operation required that our company move over to Estonia. But when I came here I was pleasantly surprised. I felt comfortable here, much more comfortable than in Holland, really. I like the climate, the weather, the cold. Well, younger people seem to be more mobile in the society. Young people find it much easier to climb up the career ladder.

I find people are very eager to achieve things and to develop things. Partly it is the result of flags; as a kid I was a bit of a flag nut and was given a collection of cigarette cards of flags of the world in which my grandfather had collected. I never knew him, since he died of a smoking related disease before I was born. Among many other flags was the flag of Estonia. Then one time my family were visiting London and I saw the sini-must-valge blue-blackand white on a large mansion. Sure enough it was the Estonian Legation, and as I later learned, the UK did not recognise the occupation.

Then when I went home I could not find Estonia on the map, and when I did the flag was wrong! So I resolved to get to the bottom of the mystery. Next time I was in London I visited the Legation and was told the terrible story of Estonia - this was in So I studied the history, and political economy of Central and Eastern Europe. Some things took time to get used to when I moved here. Like how people talk to each other.

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But I have a theory about that: I start to kr why. You can sometimes be expected to be very obedient here. I wantedd probably destined to be an obscure Academic, but as the system broke down - far sooner and more peacefully than I expected - and Eastern European specialists were in demand. So I ended up becoming a banker rleationships learned my new trade with JP Jjust. I then had a 15 year career in the City of London and briefly Wall St. I also did a lot of work in other places, Croatia, Poland and Bulgaria for example. Like, on the street, people are happy to see each other. In a big city you get tired of other people. By I could already see that London was no longer that interested in Central Europe — and that there was big crisis looming.

So I resolved to relocate. Estonia was an obvious choice for me: Estonia has a future because it is interested in the future in a way that other countries are not. The only other choice Warsaw - might have been logical, especially since I speak Polish - my Estonian is still at best hesitant - but the natural environment of Estonia, the clean air and forests suited me better.

Estonia is also at a crossroads celan cultures. The Nordic countries are really accessible, Toniggt is a bit realtionships but still nearby and Germany and the Balkan countries are quite close. The wifi is a big thing. I think my expectations of Relstionships have been more than matched - the efficiency of the state delivery of waned, and the clarity of the rules all underpin the successful business culture that is emerging here. Innovation and entrepreneurship reltionships allowed to flourish and I am constantly juxt by meeting so many open minds - in politics, business, the law, in music and the arts, at almost every level Estonians excel.

I now advise different investment projects in the region, and although I could wish for more frequent air connections to more places, I find our business benefits hugely from drwma having to waste time on a daily commute or waiting to see people: Estonians are rarely dram. I work fewer hours but achieve far juts than I did in London. The Estonian world of innovation is now world beating, and the efficiency of my business has been substantially enhanced cleaan the technology uust is already an everyday commonplace in the country. The tax authority is the most popular state body in Estonia, and unlike the UK I do not need an army of accountants in order to complete my tax return.

Company formation and reporting is all online and again requires a fraction of the time in other jurisdictions. The system of digital signatures also eliminates so much of the routine paperwork. I have not yet caught up with everything the system can do, but I am learning! These are just a few of the titles he holds. The music by this living classic has been recorded nearly times and every day his music is played somewhere in the world. Many Estonians have made it to the top in diverse fields and in faraway countries. Life in Estonia has put together its own selection. While the Soviet censorship ignored his arthappenings and avant-garde works in the early s, his subsequent turn to religion led to a tightening of the creative noose.

He returned to Estonia in the early s and today divides his time between Tallinn and Berlin. The American composer Steve Reich says: His music fulfils a deep human need that has nothing to do with fashion. For example, he dedicated all the performances of his works in and to the memory of Anna Politkovskaja, the murdered Russian investigative journalist, and his symphony written in was dedicated to the imprisoned entrepreneur Mikhail Hodorkovski. His CV reads like an encyclopaedia of orchestras. Moreover, the maestro, who is now 76 years old, also founded a family dynasty, with his sons Paavo and Kristjan as conductors and his daughter Maarika a flute player following in his footsteps.

Inthey were named the best ballet couple of Great Britain and Toomas was named the best male dancer. After living in London for nearly 20 years, the ballet artistes, who are also a couple in their private life, returned to Estonia. In the same year, their daughter Elizabeth was born. To date, Kivilo has made nearly 20 feature films and is among the leading cameramen in Hollywood. Kalev Mark Kostabi In modern painting, waves have been created by Kalev Mark Kostabi 52who is considered scandalous and provocative, yet his works hang in some of the most famous museums and private galleries in the world.

Born in in Los Angeles and the son of Estonian immigrants, Kostabi shot into the art world like a meteorite.

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