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I have on two occasions, but it wasn't as intense. But not your type?.

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After a lengthy photo break, Rog porbstar to recover. No, it wasn't bad. I'm sitting on the couch and this woman with really big boobies sat down next to me, they were huge. When you were done with those scenes, did you know you were going to do more? So it wasn't too bad?

I like Evan Stone. I ended up going to do a Dirty Debutantes movie the next day. He said that my shelf life was running out. I'm not a Rodney girl necessarily, but I've had a great time with him.

Do you homo that's part of the reason you aren't as well known with some raincoaters as you should be. He has a really big following and I would rather do oral stuff for him than anyone else. Have you ever read anything really bad?.

Don't you think you should be up for that? Who is the biggest guy you've had? When we just exchanged emails? I met this guy once, Jeremy Steele, he doesn't like blowjobs. So I'm older than you thought.

That just leaves more for the rest of us. I tried it once, but the guy was not very good. Not even a best blowjob scene? I had a boyfriend at the time. Yes, kaylynn Roger T. This is a fun interview by the way.

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