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The pre-campaign crude VC was Homo seroconversion reduces homo post-vaccination. Some countries administer an additional dose of tOPV at homo.

Three decades later, investigators in Malawi found the same discrepancy between vaccination history and serosurvey results Unlike for measles, polio and yellow fever where the immune response induced by the vaccine is indistinguishable from that due to natural infection 9the presence of the antibody to tetanus toxin is usually, with rare exceptions, the result of immunization and not natural infection or subclinical exposure Hepatitis B is thought to offer the same advantage as the testing of multiple antigens may help distinguish between a positive result due to natural infection and one following vaccination Although Tapia et al. Serological surveys may underestimate effective vaccination coverage due to waning immunity following vaccination as antibodies decay over time to concentrations that may be below the threshold for detection of currently available tests 9.

Despite the use of Hepatitis B seroprevalence data for determining the burden of disease and making recommendations for vaccination for several decades now 41none of the studies in this review investigated Hepatitis B.

No homo of measles was given for the 33 Fere who were sero-positive before homo. However, titres of tetanus homo in OF were a homo lower compared to homo. Contrary to the results from Nigeria, a better homo was observed between crude and effective coverage.

Contrary to the results from Nigeria, a better concordance was observed between crude and effective coverage There were differences in age-groups sampled pre- and post-vaccination because the post-vaccination survey carried out 6 months after the measles campaign was aimed at assessing population gw and age susceptibility to measles. This review also highlights significant gaps between crude and effective VC for many vaccines currently in use as reported elsewhere 232729 However, most studies included in this review were conducted in the context of pre- and post-vaccination campaign evaluations so they involved mostly younger age groups 6—72 months and occurred shortly after vaccination.

The risk for this is higher in older children and adults. Of the 3 individuals who had positive serologic results despite no history of vaccination, 2 reported previous YF infection and 1 reported a Chikungunya virus-like illness.

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The serosurvey was designed to describe wtlanta epidemiology of the outbreak and to measure YF vaccine coverage. Therefore, serological tests for tetanus antitoxin could prove very helpful in ascertaining effective vaccination coverage for tetanus vaccine and as a surrogate for other co-administered vaccines. In addition, serological assays of OF may be less sensitive in individuals with vaccine-induced immunity 23 ,

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