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If enemies overwhelm Ryu, he can use Ninpo -- magical attacks in the form of fireballs or mude blades -- to thwart his foes. Continue reading Show less Is it any good? The combat in Ninja Gaiden II is intense, and incredibly violent. It's common to see opponents' heads, arms, and legs chopped off. Blood soaks the landscapes after heavy battles.

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With certain weapons, chunks of flesh fly as you pummel enemies. Enemies are also relentless. During a couple scenarios, enemies with their legs cut off would crawl toward Ryu, grab latinax, and deal heavy damage with a suicide blast. The action is dizzying, especially for the camera, which struggles to keep up. After a quick flurry of attacks, the camera settles into an awkward view, leaving you prone to blindside attacks. Fortunately, this setback is easily forgiven when you consider the game's robust combat system and variety of difficult foes. I just decided to start at one end of the line and move back and forth, pushing my hard cock deep inside those gushing pussies and pounding the sexy ladies from behind!

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