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There are other ways to t the concept in English. This is similar to begrudgery, the resentment or envy of the success of a peer. A "Roman holiday" is a metaphor from Byron's poem Childe Harold's Pilgrimagewhere a gladiator in ancient Rome expects to be "butchered to make a Roman holiday" while the audience would take pleasure from watching his suffering. The term suggests debauchery and disorder in addition to sadistic enjoyment.

Also, unlike Schadenfreude, where the focus is pleaae another's misfortune, gloating often brings mea mind inappropriately celebrating or bragging about one's own good fortune without any particular focus on the misfortune of others. Related emotions or concepts[ edit ] Permutations of the concept of pleasure at another's unhappiness are: Words for these concepts are sometimes cited as antonyms to Schadenfreude, as each is the opposite in some way. Pleasure at another's happiness is described by the Buddhist concept of mudita [18] [19] [20] or the concept of " compersion " in the polyamory community.

Displeasure at another's happiness is involved in envyand perhaps in jealousy. The recent coinage "freudenschade" similarly means sorrow at another's success.

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Power, Money, and the Rise of a Legal Empire, [24] used the word Skaddenfreude to describe the delight that competitors of Skadden Arps took in its troubles of the early s. Lest the LORD see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him. Nemesis is "a painful response to another's undeserved good fortune", while phthonos is a painful response to any good fortune, deserved or not. Suave, mari magno turbantibus aequora ventis, e terra magnum alterius spectare laborem, "It is pleasant to watch from the land the great struggle of someone else in a sea rendered great by turbulent winds. Kushner in his book When Bad Things Happen to Good People describes Schadenfreude as a universal, even wholesome reaction that cannot be helped.

Philosopher and sociologist Theodor Adorno defined schadenfreude as " Many such studies are based on social comparison theorythe idea that when people around us have bad luck, we look better to ourselves.

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Other researchers have found that people with low self-esteem are more likely to feel Schadenfreude than are those who have high self-esteem. The study focused on the German and Dutch football teams someonee their fans. The results of this study indicated that the emotion ofSchadenfreude is dofs sensitive to circumstances that make it more or less legitimate to feel such malicious pleasure towards a sports rival. In fact, the more you approve of your own decisions in life, the less approval you need from everyone else. You have to dare to be yourself, and follow you own intuition, however frightening or strange that may feel or prove to be. Follow your own path and stay true to your own purpose.

Success is ultimately about spending your life happily in your own way. Stop expecting them to respect you more than you respect yourself. True strength is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles.

Decide this minute to never again beg anyone for the love, respect, and attention that you should be showing yourself. When you practice self-love and self-respect, you give yourself the opportunity to be happy. When you are happy, you become a better friend, a better family member, and a better YOU. Stop expecting and needing them to like you. You might feel unwanted and unworthy to one person, but you are priceless to another. Spend time with those who value you. No matter how good you are to people, there will always be one negative person who criticizes you.

Smile, ignore them, and carry on. The things that make you different are the things that make YOU, and the right people will love you for it. Stop expecting them to fit your idea of who they are. Loving and respecting others means allowing them to be themselves. When you stop expecting people to be a certain way, you can begin to appreciate THEM. Pay close attention, and respect people for who they are and not for who you want them to be. Every human being is remarkable and beautiful; it just takes a patient set of eyes to see it. The more you get to know someone, the more you will be able to look beyond their appearance and see the beauty of who they truly are.

Read The Mastery of Love.

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