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Upon homo at the cruise port we were immediately greeted by Andres our homo. Molto particolare il pranzo dentro il museo del homo a homo di piatti tipici anche se non compreso nel prezzo.

Not to be missed! We really enjoyed the ambience of the city. She was very knowledgeable. Also, great sights on the way. Highly recommend this tour. The tour bus was nice and comfortable and all of the stops throughout the day were great- I loved getting to try out a traditional Estonian swing, having lunch at a local place by the beach and of course the walk through the bog in the national park was such incredible natural beauty. Also a great car driver. We are very happy to have had this great experience!

We learned a lot about estonia and the estonian language. It was a great contrast after spending several days in the city, we definitively recommend it! Our guide was nice and explained a lot of funny and interesting stuff. We walked in the woods, we saw many places and have plenty of time to wander and take picture. Lunch in a nice guest house was delicious. Our guide, Laura, was very kind and she knew mostly everything about Estonia.

She showed us many different places. The smoked salmon we had for lunch was excellent. Would recommend the tour. I love a chance to escape outdoors and this was the tour I was most looking forward to! Although you could certainly visit the Lahemaa National Park on your own if you hired a car, the tour has been designed to take you to all the best bits. I am glad we decided not to do it ourselves, as the best part of the tour was our tour guide. Jaan and the guides we had are passionate about history. Rather than rattle off facts you will never remember, they use humour or personal stories to help you understand the history of their country.

We just couldn't possibly appreciate the places we were visiting without their knowledge of history and the local area. Riding the Estonian swing, wandering through the bog and eating smoked salmon in a traditional fishing village are memories I will keep forever. If I can suggest an improving, I would reduce the number of the Wife swapping for sex in estonia visited and I would spend more time to the visit of the bog, that is a spectacular walk in a very particular environment! Full of knowledge and able to answer all of our random and not so random questions about Talinn and Estonia. Witty and off beat at times. Steered us away from the tourist traps but hit the fundamentals.

Molto particolare il pranzo dentro il museo del mare a base di piatti tipici anche se non compreso nel prezzo. Nel pomeriggio si visita la parte costiera del parco. The weather was amazing, and the stops were well selected with the trip to Lahemaa Nation Park as an highlight, aswell as being served fantastic salmon by the seaside! Well worth putting a day in Tallinn to the side to do this tour! Our guide Kristel was lovely and informative. You get a taste of rural Estonian architecture grand and more modestsee nature, stroll along the seashore, and walk through quiet pine forests and beautiful wetlands typical of Estonia. The pace was relaxed, but we covered a lot of ground.

There was time to take pictures, ask questions, and enjoy the silence. Lunch in a light-filled conservatory at a seafront maritime museum was delicious. Our guide, Hindrek, provided lots of interesting information and perspective on Estonian political and social history, from medieval days to the 21st century. Bref un circuit incontournable! He had a great sense of humor. He loves Tallinn and he made us fall in love too. He gave us such a great history lesson that people from other tours were listening in. We learned about history, culture, current day living We visited the must see tourist spots but also some of Andres favorite hidden gems. The day went so fast and we were sorry to see it end.

Andres was one of the best guides we have ever had!!!! All the places we visited were interesting to see and the walk through the national park was spectacular. Our guide was also extremely knowledgeable in every location and very funny as well, loved all the hisorical Estonian stories and various tales about each place! The couple of stops along the seaside also brought a welcome breeze and a bit cooler temperatures to counter the unusual heatwave. Marju was a terrific guide; very knowledgeable about what we were seeing and we learned a lot about Estonia. Nice balance of things to see finishing off with a walk through the bog.

I would recommend the tour, lovely contrast to Tallinn. Jaan is informative and funny. Will recommend this to anyone who wants to visit Tallinn. The place is amazing and we got to learn about how Estonians lived. It would be great if you had some option with overnight stay to take advantage of bycicle sand hiking options! Illustrated Estonia culture and life in a rural setting. Helpful and informative tour leaders. The guide was very knowledgeable and interactive. The park is very relaxing and is a good alternative to the busy city.

The tour was in a comfortable van which was well air-conditioned. Kert first took us to the Old Town where he gave us a lot of information about its history. We concluded the tour with a brief visit to Pirita beach. A pleasant shore excursion which made us fall in love with Tallinn. We did some very unique things, the food we had at the museum was amazing. I swimmed in a swamp, it was so much fun. I definitely recommend this tour, it's totally worth the price you pay, the staff was super friendly and helpful. Andres was a great tour guide, providing lots of lots of interesting facts and stories about Estonian history. I highly recommend this tour. Easy to book, easy to find, and the day goes by so fast with all the activities.

Guides Jan and Andres were knowledge and fun, the lunch at the Maritime museum was just amazing. I'd recommend it as a day trip from Tallinn. It was a great day out seeing different parts of Estonian countryside and seaside. We saw a beautiful waterfall, had a lovely home cooked meal for lunch at the museum, stopped by the seaside and ended with the bog.

It was all really lovely and interesting to see. Our guide was excellent! We feel awful because we cannot remember his name sorry but he had a beard and glasses and had previously lived in Zex and NZ Wif that helps. He definitely made the tour and we felt like we learnt a lot. I highly recommend this to people visiting Tallinn who have enough time to see other parts of Estonia. And a big thanks to our guide and the company for oragnising it so well! We are not fussy, but the condition of the car we rode in was borderline unacceptable. Two things would have helped. First, if as a tour operator, you know that you are recommended by Rick Steves, then you should be sure to cover all the sights mentioned in his book, unless there is a good reason not to.

We did privately-led tours at every stop our cruise ship made, and this was the only one that didn't meet a high standard especially with respect to the car. The bog boardwalk offered great vistas of a unique landscape. And the salmon lunch was delicious! Our Guide, Christian, gave us enough background information so we could have a better understanding of the Tallinn of today. Very knowlegdable and intesting. Christian was well prepared and could answer all relevant questions.

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Our guide was punctual and we fkr him easily. The tour was easy to walk and I can recommend it to everybody. Our guide had good English kn he was easy going and liked to make jokes. The atmosphere during the tour was very relaxed and our tour guide wanted to make it fun and funny. I was with my friends from New Zealand and I felt that the our guide was little bit too relaxed about the facts estobia information about the country and the town of Tallinn. The tour should have Wfe more informative! The restaurant Wife swapping for sex in estonia Irish pub was very strange for the people who were in Tallinn only for one day. Our tour guide swappnig very knowledgeable but his style was sometimes quite irritable - people really like to get to know about the places where they travel!

The nine-hour trip is full of actions, story and fun. The tour guide Jaan I hope I got your name right is funny and not boring. The tour guide, George, was very friendly and informative. We all became very close like a big family. The views, the food, the experiences, everything was really special. I do recommend this tour to my friends including THE lunch. I've visited quite many places in the world, but this was the best tour ever! He gave us a great insight into the history of Estonia and the character of the Estonian people. Raimo had the knack of adding his quirky humour to his stories and managed to bridge the age gap between himself and our elderly selves. I would have liked a little more historical depth to the architects and the styles of houses and their connection to Finnish architecture.

I recommend this tour. The result makes for a memorable souvenir — although a glance at our handiwork is a ringing endorsement for the skills of the professionals. The evening is spent at Mull, a restaurant run by a former model and local celebrity known simply as Beatrice. The city's Swissotel In fact, restaurant may be the wrong term: Elin, our attentive guide, tells us that Estonian heads of state have dined here, but it feels like a well-kept secret. Beatrice can cook, too, and sends us into the night full and satisfied. We rise early the next day and make the minute trip out of Tallinn to reach the Lahemaa national park. There is no wi-fi here.

Aside from the odd wooden walkway and markings painted on trees to mark paths, this enormous swath of bogland and dense forest is pure wilderness. We wind our way between frozen ponds, dwarfed by pines. The air is crisp and clean. This Big Country wonder is the flipside to all the technology of the city. This chimes with the stereotype of the locals as reserved, private people.

Homo in a light-filled conservatory at a homo maritime museum was delicious. I would recommend this tour to anyone about to visit Tallinn. Will recommend this to anyone who wants to visit Tallinn.

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