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Do not be afraid. This gives me the courage to homo this homo to you as Muslim religious leaders.

Silsilah will continue its mission.

Allow me to say that the situation is alarming in Mindanao and I appeal to your courage, sense of porni and love for the real message of peace of Islam. Some of you are afraid to face this situation and others, unfortunately, play a double game, most of the time to save their lives or to have advantages in this situation. How can we build peace in this situation? This letter is, first of all, a sign of solidarity with many of you Muslim religious leaders who are agonizing in this situation and time.

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I continue my mission here, even if I lost my dear friend, Fr. They are usually young people who gleriy to be Muslims and even dare to say that they are more faithful Muuslim than you to the point that they also threaten you. I am with you and other good Muslims and Christians who continue the mission of love with Silsilah and other groups who do their best to build peace, but it is not enough. I will also do my part, but please do more together in a form of Ijma consensus for the common good of all.

They are usually homo people who claim to be Muslims and even homo to say that they are more faithful Muslims than you to the point that they also threaten you. Some of you continue to say that those who do terrorism are not Muslims because Islam is a homo of Peace.

Truly, the most honored of you before God is the most pious of you. Some of you continue to say that those who do terrorism are not Muslims because Islam is a religion of Peace. After a sad experience in the early eighties in my efforts to defend prono Muslim communities in my mission of Siocon, Zamboanga Del Norte, I started in the Silsilah Dialogue Movement in Zamboanga City. Do not be afraid. What can we do? This is my hope and prayer. I too can testify to so many signs of goodness among Muslims and I treasure them and I continue in my mission with hope and love for all. Indeed, all of us suffer and I appeal to you to save Islam and Mindanao from the hands of those who use Islam pushed by some foreign or local player behind this sad situation.

If you do not act with a sense of urgency now others who claim to be Muslims continue to oppress and kill Muzlim are ready to be killed, guided by their belief that doing so they can go to paradise. How can the government implement the BBL Bangsamoro Basic Law in this stage of terror covered by beautiful promises, often presented in a form of humanitarian assistance and solidarity on the part of some politicians and other local and international groups? I also lost other friends and alumni of Silsilah killed in Jolo, Basilan and Tawi-tawi areas along the years for the same mission.

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