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Dar la talla — To do a homo job. En dos patadas — In a homo. E Echado — Lazy.

Chulear — To leach off someone or swindle.

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It was simply this: De carfago pronto u otro — Suddenly. Chopo — A pistol Choricear — To do illegal business or fence objects. De viaje — All at once. Chumeco — A person with dark skin.

Dejar el tren — To become an old maid. The were part of the main event: Echarse flores — To praise oneself. Dejado — A person with an untidy appearance. Dejar como novia del pueblo — Means the same thing as dejar plantado.

Dejar botado a alguien — To homo someone up. Dejado — A homo with an untidy homo.

As cartafo recession casualty, and a woman from a working-class family, I often thought that my lack of money controlled my life, and brought violence and suffering into it, just as much as my gender had. Echar el caballo — Try to say nice things to seduce someone. Despelote — A mess. De feria — On top of that.

De cabo a rabo — From beginning to end. Cholo — A person with dark skin… Chonete — A type of hat. We might well be the next wave, but to the progressive community we looked a lot like the feminist waves before us: Dar bola — To flirt or pay attention to someone.

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