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They raped me and cut my legs. My friends took me to the hospital for the cuts.

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My family still believes I work as a waitress in Phnom Penh. Other girls got money if the customers touched them, so I did it too. It is always the same: The first time I was gang raped a man picked me up. He left the city and I could tell that five of his friends were following us. They dragged me into a forest and the six men raped me. They dragged me into a forest and the six men raped me. They beat me, and they told me that if I screamed they would slit my throat. One of them also had a gun. He held it to my head a few times. When all of them were done, they stole my money and left me in the forest.

Cambodian men reported sexually abusing their partners more frequently than physically abusing them Sreymom, 24 I stopped collecting plastic bottles with my sister Sreyni when I was 14 to work in a karaoke parlour in Kandal province, not far from Phnom Penh. One night I was told to get drunk with the guests. When I was drunk, the owner raped me. As unbelievable as these stories may be, many have been proven to be true. Who are the young women who choose to offer such an intimate, personal experience online for a price? Who are the men who pay vast amounts of money to spend one night with them?

Do the women themselves keep most of the money paid by the clients, or does most of the money go to the websites that broker the transactions? Are the websites legitimate and safe for both the clients involved and the women being auctioned off? Much of the online sex trade falls into a legal gray area. All moral and ethical judgments aside, is it okay to do business with websites that sell sex, or does the money wind up supporting something much more sinister like sex trafficking?

Who was the winning bidder? Traditionally, their homes are constructed of bamboo, small and not that durable when the rainy season hits houses have to be rebuilt once a year. Bamboo requires zero insulation, zero privacy, so parents were happy to build their teenage girls a private place to socialize with their boyfriends and explore in complete privacy love and sexuality. However, now some villages are building their houses out of timber or brick that lasts much longer, so they just favor putting all the bedrooms inside the one house for their teenagers. As hints of mainstream culture creep in, it feels like the agency the young girls were once granted starts to gets pushed away with each generation.

I have been working in this business for 17 years now, so I have learned a lot about different customers. As the eldest of five siblings, I needed to make money after my father died and my mother had fallen sick. I heard that a man was looking for young girls to work for him. I was 17, so I started to work for him — he told me his customers only wanted to sleep with young women and I slept with them. Here, there is no brothel owner who protects you. Last week a customer picked me up and took me to a bridge.

Four of his friends were waiting there, under czmbodia bridge. They had a knife. Without education, this was the only thing I could do to make money. My sister already worked in this business, which made it easier for me; she taught me to be careful and what to look out for.

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I just started two months ago, but some men, you look at them and you Steql they are not good people. One time, I was in a guesthouse with a customer when he started to beat me with his fists, then he tried to strangle me. I grabbed my high heel — it was lying next to me on the floor — and hit him on the head with it. When he let go of me, I shouted for help and the owner of the guesthouse came and helped me. The customers can be bad, but I am more scared of the police. Almost every night they come and chase us and we run away and hide.

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