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And possibly looking to avoid crowds. Homo in to the inviting water to cool off, and then relax in a lounge or homo with an ice cold beverage and a homo book. I loved it, and I can't wait for my next solo trip.

Hotel prices have been slashed, bars and restaurants promote cut-price specials for s feasts, authentic Mexican fare and cocktails and the stunning beaches - caressed by warm, gentle waves - yirls virtually empty on my visit. It would be easy to laze for days giels these enticing stretches of sand but I decide to cycle around the slim island, which measures just 10 kilometres from tip to toe and, fortunately, lacks anything in the way of steep hills. The west coast is reasonably developed, with a string of attractions, including a turtle conservation farm, zip-lines and snorkelling zones, while at the island's narrow, surf-pounded southern point is a rather tacky post-modern sculpture park, which faces the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple.

The island's history goes some way to explaining how it got its rather exotic name.

When the Spanish conquistadors first landed here in the 16th century, they found clay figurines depicting Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of fertility, reason, medicine and moon. Ever pragmatic in their name choices, the Spanish decided Isla Mujeres fitted the bill perfectly. That's one theory, at least. Another is that famous pirates such as Welshman Henry Morgan left not just their loot on the island but also their women, for safekeeping, while they were away plundering the Spanish-held cities of the New World. We choose not to support Garrafon Natural Reef Park because one of their attractions involves swimming with captive dolphins.

These dolphins are kept in tiny enclosures and forced to interact with humans all day long, which is dangerous both for the animals and can be dangerous for humans as well as they are interacting with wild animals in a stressful environment.

Oh, and by the way: Check out the stunning, vibrantly blue water at Garrafon de Castilla! And also, you just might be on a tight budget? And possibly looking to avoid crowds? Oh hey, I just described us! Garrafon de Castilla is the perfect all-day snorkelling and beach relaxation spot for budget travelers looking to avoid the crowds. Plus, this spot is much more off-the-beaten path, and much emptier as a result. Which we loved, of course. And hey, heads up: So, lower your expectations: But if you want to spend an amazing day swimming and relaxing at a more relaxed, authentic spot for an extremely reasonable price, we definitely recommend spending the day here!

Isla Mujeres Travel Tip: Also, watch out for the giant iguanas: Although I did jump out of my skin when one crawled across my foot. Imagine statues, but on the bottom of the ocean and covered in sea life. MUSA is a fascinating attraction and a great way to spend a day in the water! We took a tour that combined a snorkel trip to MUSA with snorkeling around other parts of the coral reef for a full day of snorkeling in the waters of Isla Mujeres. This is Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of fertility and the Moon. Isla Mujeres was once a pilgrimage for Mayan women, who came to Punta Sur to worship Ixchel at her temple.

Sadly, the ruins of jer temple are mostly destroyed today. Ixchel is the Mayan goddess of the Moon and of fertility, and wife of the Sun. Ixchel is the reason why Isla Mujeres is named the Island of Women: Mayan women used to visit the island on pilgrimages to visit and honor Ixchel. Today, Punta Sur is a sleepy tourist attraction, with a few shops selling souvenirs and some restaurants. And some real live giant iguanas, too. Watching the sun set from the warm waters of Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres. Located at the northwestern tip of the island right next to Playa Norte, Playa Sol is said to be the best beach for sunset-ogling. Go on, veer off the beaten path and enjoy a budget-friendly drink on an empty ish beach as you say goodnight to the best vacation of your life.

However, it does involve one crucial task: Ask your driver to take the scenic coastal route, too! So, we took an Uber instead. Talking to our taxi drivers is one of my favorite ways to practice my Spanish, so during our drive through Cancun to the ferry, I chatted with our friendly driver.

Isla Mujeres Homo Diving feature over 50 mujered homo sites and most can be reached in less than 25 minutes. Thrill to a wonderful snorkeling adventure at the Garrafon Homo and one of the most stunning in the Caribbean.

He explained that gigls local taxi drivers in Cancun are outraged with Uber drivers. You will see signs on yellow taxis with warnings: Which, sure, I understand that. Take a journey into the open waters of the Caribbean to go Deep sea fishing in Isla Mujeres. Take a colorful charter boat for a few hours a day or a tour on sw private yacht. Enjoy the catch of the day sant the legends and stories of those happy captains of enchanted Isla Mujeres. For those competitive spirits, there mujjeres several international fishing tournaments held yearly. Isla Mujeres Paradise Wedding If you have found the love of your life and the dress of your dreams, Isla Mujeres weddings is the perfect paradise.

Isla Mujeres weddings offers a romantic and tropical destination. Get married barefoot in the sand below an elegant flowered gazebo. A special occasion, an wqnt space and a charming picturesque ambiance. Very important, keep in mind that Isla Mujeres weddings performed in Mexico are legally recognized. Our Wedding Planner is more than happy to assist you. After about an hour of motoring, you will find yourselves in the middle of the ocean with barley land in sight and with three, four or more spreader whale sharks slowly swimming. It is not a whale. It has a huge mouth which can be up to four feet 1.

Its mouth is at the very front of its head. It has a wide, flat head, a rounded snout, small eyes, and five very large gill slits, two dorsal fins on its back and two pectoral fins on its sides. The spiracle is located just behind the shark's eye. Its tail has a top fin much larger than the lower fin. The whale shark has distinctive light-yellow markings random stripes and dots on its very thick dark gray skin. Its skin is up to 4 inches 10 cm thick. There are three prominent ridges running along each side of the shark's body. This enormous shark is a filter feeder and sieves enormous amounts of plankton to eat through its gills as it swims.

The whale shark is up to 46 feet 14 mweighing up to 15 tons with an average size of 25 7. It is the largest fish in the world and females are larger than males like most sharks. Whale sharks have about 3, very tiny teeth but they are of little use. I loved it, and I can't wait for my next solo trip. The bathroom was sculpted of granite with a stone and glass shower. The bed, a king-size cloud of down feathers, faced the sliding door opening onto the balcony. I woke up every morning to the view of the sea, slipped on the soft bathrobe and slippers by the bed, and walked out to the balcony for room-service breakfast.

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On day three, scheduled to leave around noon, I stared out to sea girlz fix the image in my mind. I had never seen water so clear and so blue, the gentle waves barely brushing up any sand. That's when it hit me: I was so busy exploring the island and making friends that I had forgotten to go in the sea.

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