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Her juices were even running down her legs. I resisted the temptation to put my head between her legs and lick her sweet nectar up.

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The slut is asking for it because she wants it and she needs it to satisfy her insatiable hunger. You will stop when I say stop. She started fucking his mouth with her pussy, and came within a few minutes. With her cum on his lips and chin, she reached down and kissed him… Continue reading Real Mom Sucking Cock Gets Facial Cum Video She licks the tip of his cock sensually before sliding her warm wet mouth to balls deep burying his entire length inside her soft mouth. Reached down with one hand and slightly spread my pussy lips to show the guys just how wet I was.

Scott moved down between her legs, looking up at her as he began lapping his sperm from her cunthole. He loved the combined taste of their cum as it oozed out of her. She moaned as he vigorously twirled his tongue around her hard clit, then slid his tongue down further to delve between her pussylips. He inhaled the musky scent of her sex, her trimmed pubic hair slick with his saliva, cum, and sweat. She was pulling on her nipples, head thrown back on the silky pillows, as her husband ate her cunt like a starved man. As her orgasm began building up inside of her, Scott slipped a couple fingers into her hole. His mouth was on her clitty, licking circles around it and sucking on it.

He could tell she would cum soon, and slipped a third finger into her hole, making her moan even louder. Three fingers were inside her hole, his mouth licking and his thumb wiggling over her clit, his pinky finger rubbing her puckered asshole as she came hard. Mila trembled after her powerful climax, her ample breasts heaving with her heavy breathing. She moaned louder as Scott pushed a fourth finger into her cunthole! Her cries filled the house; his eyes were on her as she watched him inserting his hand into her pussy. His tongue continued lapping up her clit. Mila moaned steadily as another orgasm began inside of her. Scott slowly penetrated her with his fist. Her hips bucked at his forearm as he filled her up, bringing her to climax with his fist hard inside her pulsating pussy.

My hand all inside your sperm filled cunt! Just imagine, this is what horse cock would feel like inside you. See, you can take it, honey! Her tits were heaving. She was apprehensive, but definitely curious and very turned on. Scott smiled, slowly removing his fist from her womb, making Mila cry out. He began fisting her pussy more often, each time bringing her to orgasm while telling her to imagine being filled with a huge piece of horse meat. He shuddered at the sight of his petite wife as she stroked the massive erection. Jasper neighed and started trotting around a little, getting more excited.

Mila took her hand away out of trepidation. The horse cock was almost 2ft long, and was mostly pink with some purple spots. She shivered, feeling Scott pull out of her pussy. Part 2 Weeks went by and Scott was still working on convincing his wife to take the horse cock. She was still avidly fucking their dogs, but while doing so Scott was playing horse sex porno movies on the TV for his wife to see as she knotted the canines. Mila would get particularly turned on seeing the huge horse cock erupting a flood of sperm into various slut-holes. Scott even had some beast sex videos with men fucking female cows and horses.

It seemed she was growing more and more ready for the horse meat! Scott knew he had to enlist the help of his father in order for Mila to enjoy her first horse fucking and for everything to go smoothly. In fact, Rich was quite turned on at the thought of a petite woman underneath his big horse! Now he was even more turned on hearing that his sexy, young daughter-in-law fucked dogs and was contemplating fucking a horse, too! On the big day when Mila finally decided to give horse sex a try, Rich was able to convince Lily to take their granddaughter to the park for the afternoon where she could stroll her around for awhile and whatnot. Mila was nervous but very excited. Earlier that day, to prepare herself, she fucked all three of her dogs — taking the knot and sperm and all.

Lily was happy to see her granddaughter and eagerly whisked her away for a nice day in the park. Rich stayed behind, knowing his daughter-in-law was soon going to have some fun of her own. Then he laid her down on the hammock and fucked her precariously, making the trees shake and more dog cum start oozing out of her pussyhole. Then he carried her to a patch of thick grass and fucked her from behind while she was on her hands and knees, switching between her dripping pussy and her tight asshole. Mila was loving all the outdoor fun!

Because my cock is throbbing and has been for awhile now I start to kiss her and she responds. I kiss my way down to her panties. I pull them off of her and continue kissing and she stops me as I start to lick. She says that she is horny and needs to be fucked. Now I know someone had enjoyed her pussy and she's trying to hide it now. She tried to push my face away and I keep on until she gives in. With the very first lick of her clit I get a long course hair in my mouth her pussy is shaved bald. If you don't shower you don't get to fuck her. You have to leave now, Ill give you fifteen minutes and then ill bring Mel up to the room.

Wait in the closet, theres heaps of room in there and you can have a drink form the mini bar if you like but don't order room service. When its time to fuck her ill let you know. Make sure your ready to fuck when we get there. Do you have any questions. Rob asked if Mel would know that it would be him fucking her, I told him that she wouldn't and Rob started to smirk. I told him that she would be in the doggy position and wearing a blindfold, Ill fuck her first and then we'll swap. We don't want her to know so don't make any noises, and don't kiss her or grab her. We had an agreement! As Mel and I made our way back to the hotel room, my heart started pounding, Icouldn't believe what i had done and knew that it was probably too late to turn back.

We were talking about the night on the way up and she mentioned this asshole who grabbed her on the dancefloor. Knowing that Mel was going to get fuck by this guy that she thinks is an asshole, without her having any idea started to make my cock hard. When we got to the room I quickly went to the bathroom, the mirror was steamy so i quickly turned on the hot water to disguise the fact that the shower had been used. It made me feel better that at least he was showered, but I also felt weird that this stranger probably had time to go through our stuff and was now naked in our room.

Rob must be in the closet and the thought of him actually being in there, waiting, made my cock started to get really hard. When I came out of the bathroom, Mel cm already waiting on the bed, lying naked and spread eagle. She asked if I had a beer before I left, and got a little angry with me for leaving bottles lying around. I pushed the bottle to the side and put on some mood music. I got on top of Mel and started to lick her pussy and play with her clit for a short while.

When I felt the timing was right, I asked her if she fulled to play a game. The one which I pretend to be a stranger when were in the park. The game where Mel puts on a blindfold and waits in the nude with her ass in the air for someone to come along and use her the way they see fit, and doesn't know who is inside her. Mel jumped up to go to the closet to get out the blindfold which was in the overnight bag. My heart almost jumped though my mouth.

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I threw her back on the bed flled told her that i would get it. I opened the closet and grabbed the blindfoldgiving the stranger a wink as I left the door slightly open. Mel put on the blind fold, and as usual she turned over and started to present her ass and pussy for some lucky stranger. So the GAME begins.

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