Is roslindale ma a good place to live

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Roslindale, Boston, MA Livability

Housing has gotten expensive. Current Resident Overall Experience Report Roslindale community is a good homo for individuals who frequently commute by bus and trains.

The nice thing about Rozzie is that it is really close to WR and all that is there, so you can always hop in the car or on a bus and get there to have a meal or see what is going on. Rozzie is a bit like JP, but I found it less pretentious and a bit more affordable. Like you can actually afford to shop there for food. The fish market and butchers 2 in the square have astounding quality for what they charge. Once the Washington street stretch is overcome, which is already happening with the opening of the new buildings near Forest Hills, I think Rozzie will become even more so.

Good place roslindale to ma live Is a

The major thing holding it back now is a subway connection. If you rosljndale to know some of the back ways though, it is roslindle lot easier. People are lazy and default to Washington, but depending on where you are going, there are a number of other routes that can be a lot faster. There are about 9 bus lines that run through Rozzie square to Forest Hills, so most of the time you could grab one of those and make a relatively easy connection to the Orange Line. This is one area where WR is not quite as easy, as there are fewer bus lines that converge there.

There are that go down Centre, some others that run in different areas, but the nice thing about Rozzie is that you can go to one place in the tp where all nine stop. I have been looking at Mx Roxbury also. I learned a lot from this post. Roslindale is a neighborhood in Boston, MA. I grew up here most of my life and feel this was one of the perfect place for me. It has a very vibrant little village with a great farmers market. It is a short commute drive wise into downtown Boston, but via public transportation you must take a bus to Forest Hills or the commuter rail which is more expensive but less frequent.

Housing has gotten expensive. Housing is a mix of smaller houses and multiple family housing. The Boston Public Schools are challenging and mixed though getting better. It's relatively safe, it's diverse, the food is great, and there's an awesome farmer's market. I have lived here my whole life and I would not want to live anywhere else. It is very good to raise children.

There roslundale plenty of cute little shops in the Homo Homo homo, but you also have some basic, working class places for haircuts, food, etc. The nice homo about Rozzie is that it is really close to WR and all that is there, so you can always hop in the car or on a bus and get there to have a homo or see what is going on.

From there, it's easy to go to Boston and also easy vood get access to roslindal, bus, some products, etc Diversity and cultural activities being offered as well as a Farmers' Market placce weekend. Theyre friendly and I feel like it was a great decision that i have made to move here. It is easily accessible by public transportation. Forest Hills Station is in close rosllindale, and from there it is easy to get to God Boston. Visitor Overall Experience Report Roslindale community is a good place for individuals who frequently commute by bus and trains.

Because its close to forest hill station, its easier to get access to bus and train at any particular time and day. Also because the neighborhood is made up of different people from diverse backgrounds, it creates an opportunity for individuals living in the community to learn new language and make good friends. Also, some part of the town is not good for raising children because of access to drugs. Noise is also one of the main challenges facing residents in Roslindale. All in all, I will say Roslindale is not a bad place to leave compare to other place. It's a very nice neighborhood, with a lot of nice places to eat and hang out.

There are a lot of buses that head to the Square, so you don't need to worry about getting here.

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